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  1. Thanks everyone. This has been extremely helpful and entertaining!! I'm off to eat more bacon...
  2. Thank you to both of you! It was a fun project and then I was suddenly in a panic that I didn't do the research beforehand. I had visions of it either poisoning his steak or rusting away. I'm going with lard, mainly because, "forgetting that Grandma used animal grease and not corn drippins" made me literally laugh out loud... Thank you again to both of you. Rick
  3. So... I forged a meat hook for a friend. I'm very much a newbie and its not perfect, but I'm still proud of the end result. BUT... What do I do know to treat it and make it food safe? I looked around the net for an answer and there's a lot of them, so I'm hoping someone here has a tried and true method that's already worked for them. It's a BBQ tool, so I'd like to protect it from the elements if I could and still make it safe to flip a steak. Thank you in advance for any input you all might have. RD
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