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  1. 198 lb Peter Wright. It's 2 inches taller than the 120 lb anvil I was using, so I need to cut off about 2 inches from my stump and mount it.
  2. We don't really know what the carbon content is though, do we? "Weldable steel" can be anything, and the chinese factories that make "weldable steel" most likely melt down anything that stuck to the magnet and sell it back to us. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it will harden. I'm saying we don't know if it will. Chances certainly are not in our favor, but I'm willing to let him at least try. We learn more from experience than by accepting someone else's word.
  3. Replied. You can still give it a shot at trying to harden your blades. If nothing else you will at least get to experience the process of heating and quenching.
  4. I'm not far from you. If you like you can use my forge to heat treat, and while your over maybe we can build you a proper burner. Let me know if you're interested, I'll be in the shop tonight and tomorrow night.
  5. Hello everyone. I am looking for some feedback/advice on this anvil. It's a new manufactured anvil made from ductile iron, I'll refrain from naming the brand for now. My concern is with the face rapidly exhibiting divots. The divots are voids in the metal which seem to have popped off of the face, not dents which would be displaced metal. So far I have about 20 hours of use on this anvil, all working hot steel with a fairly small hammer (1.5lb). My hammers are dressed and rounded.