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  1. Frankjdm

    Post vise info

    I Just bought this post vise and need info for the treaded hole in the bottom
  2. Bottom really rought, dont see any identention, i will carry on with the wire brush!
  3. Weight heavy! I will look at the bottom and take picture!
  4. Just bought a 182 lbs anvil and dont know the brand, just see 2 V mark on the front foot and 182.
  5. Hi, Just bought this anvil and dont know the brand. Just see 182 and 2 V mark on the front foot? Thanks
  6. Yes sorry, for the poor English, I don't know French forum for this,thanks for all your response.
  7. Ok, I read about the Robb gunther method and if it is the best way to do it, I will go to as welder shop and demand a estimate, and after that, I imagine I go to a machine shop to reface the weld?
  8. I searched, and it could be an m and h Armitage mousehole forge 1854-1875
  9. I i'm new in this forum and just want to try tomake knife for fun.I buy an old anvil and need help to know what brand it is and how it weight? And how it can be restore ? I am french so i dont write very well in english sorry.
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