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  1. After 6 months of trying to locate a decent anvil near me I gave up and bought new. It's a 110 lb. Kanca and I'm happy with it. I wanted larger but the wife insists her car goes in the garage at night and at my age moving 110lbs.is still possible any larger ... not so much.
  2. Thank you for the advise, I will remember that next time. Actually I was aware of the need to "bend back" prior to drawing out the blade. New to forging I was concentrating on heat and hammer blows and simply forgot to do it.
  3. Thank you and I agree the touchmark is fine as is ... everything else needs to be better Yes, I radiused the edge on the opposite side of where I stand while working. I built the forge with about a 170 cu.in. interior and one burner. In a corner of the shop I have an old 20lb. propane tank. Removed the valve and filled with water and bleach twice in case I decide to go larger with 2 burners.
  4. Thank you for the kinds words and advice. Coal was my first choice but that would get us thrown out of where we live so I settled for a single burner propane for now. Thought i had the upwards banana curve figured out but got lost paying more attention to the half twist.
  5. 68 years old, needing a new hobby and thought I'd try my hand at smacking steel. I had limited welding experience many years back but never forged a thing. After 6 months of trying to find a decent used anvil I bit the bullet and bought new, pricey but worth it ... at least in my humble opinion. Built a base for it and made 3 pairs of tongs. The first 2 pairs are not very pretty but serviceable the third is a little better. I gave a try at creating a touchmark and it came ok, when I gain more experience and the work gets better I may even get to use it.
  6. I live in my garage, I only sleep in the house.
  7. Thank you.
  8. Nice little critter, what did you use for his eyes ?