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  1. thanks steve sells, but ive changed my mind about that topic. another thing, i forged a knife today, my first thing that i have forged! i still need to grind though. im going to do it with my friend sunday, since were doing this together. ive read up on blacksmithing for a couple months now, and ive just started around 8:00 am today. thanks though.
  2. sorry about that, accidentally pressed something else. but thank you Michael, I appreciate the reply. thank you -forge of serendipity thank you JHCC, I will take your answer into consideration. -forge of serendipity
  3. thank you all for answering my question, but, here's another... what quenching methods would be best for rebar steel? thank you -forge of serenity re read what you were told, you are not paying attention when you were told you cant
  4. hi I'm starting out in blacksmithing, my friend and I are making knifes for a project in school. I have a good sized stick of rebar, id like to know what forging techniques that my friend and I could use. thank you, forge of serendipity
  5. hello what would you guys suggest to use for metal when forging?
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