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  1. One thing that I see everyone saying that I don't totally understand is that I should wire this to a plug (presumably) and then put all the wire nuts in a metal box, and run a ground to the box. So two questions about this: 1) Do I just have a blower, with its wire going to a metal box that's just sort of hanging from the motor? 2) People are saying to ground this metal box to the plug, but doesn't that mean there's not a ground running to the blower itself? Is this a problem? I think if I get these last two answered then I should for sure have everything I need to get this thing done. Thanks everybody for all the lively and informative discussion.
  2. I'd love to add a dimmer to it, but considering I don't even know where or how to hook up a ground to the thing, I'm a little stumped going into wiring a switch as well. But I'm willing to learn. Latticino, good advice about the book. Do you happen to know of any resources or specific books I could take a look at to get a real novice's view of how these pieces fit together? A lot of the stuff I find online ends up being about bigger, more complex, high voltage appliances and doesn't really answer the question of how to string things together. And JHCC, good thought about the valve. If I find that I either shouldn't or for some reason can't wire a variable controller, a valve of some kind would be great to control things with. Hopefully I won't need to, as it seems some reviews complain about the blower not being strong enough for their uses, but thankfully I have quite a small forge that I'm starting out on, so I don't think having too little will be an issue.
  3. Thanks for the advice, Crytin. Do I just use a length of wire like copper? Also, do I need to worry about the wire being exposed? Should I tape it up after I add it or take some further precaution?
  4. Okay okay. Here we go. It seems that the little pamphlet deal that came with the motor might not be for the same product. Looking at the side of the motor, I see clear as day "115V." And I got my wife to send me the link to where she purchased it, and here it is: Clearly says 1 phase and 115V there as well. So should I be able to hook this puppy up to the three prong?
  5. Well, one learns new things every day! Thanks very much, friend. I was thinking about trying to find a hand crank blower anyhow, so this one not being something I can even use kinda gives me the push to do just that. Much appreciated.
  6. I'm new to the forum, and new to forging. I've been collecting pieces of equipment here and there, and am about ready to start my first project. The last thing I need to do is get my blower set up. The wife purchased one for me as a Christmas present, but as I've never done any wiring, I have some concerns I'd like to pick someone's brain about. The biggest thing being this: The blower doesn't have much in the way of instructions, but it does say that I need to ground the thing by running a new wire to the bare metal of the blower. I picked up a 3-pronged plug with a pigtailed end (has a ground wire of course) and some wire nuts and electrical tape. Do I need to run a wire from that ground to somewhere on the blower? Or do I just need to connect the white and black and tape down the ground? I didn't have the info for it at first, but my wife still had the link, so I had her send it to me. It's a Dayton 1TDN1 shaded pole blower, 115V. (Amazon link here here some more specs: Let me know what you folks think. Thanks!