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    Metal art, smithing, casting, fabrication, and repair work. I Also like cooking, have a bit of an oversized garden that keeps growing bigger, creating tile mosaics, hunting and fishing among other things.

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  1. Bird

    Allllllllll abooooaaarrrrdddd! Next stop, China....
  2. Needle Scalers

    Surely you jest! I should have had my ducks in a row when I asked my question. Learning experience... Every body tunes in when Frosty message comes through the hemisphere and lands here!
  3. Bird

    Pitfalls. We all wander into them and some are bigger than others. Just cant leave well enough alone... Hindsight =20/20
  4. angry lizards

    Ausfire, those are some fantastic lizards. I like the tails and the feet. Mabey you could have each shifty lizard with one end of the frog in its mouth, scrapping it out for their lunch! I'd ask you about that table but it may have been posted before, or I might lead the thread off into the cosmos... Scott.
  5. Bird

    It started innocently enough...
  6. Needle Scalers

    Sorry frosty, flux core with CO2. I've seen the flux just peel off the weld when you have it set right and under perfect conditions so perhaps its a combination of things. It was actually weathering steel, under less than perfect conditions. Sometimes the flux would be stubborn and wouldnt just chip off. All full of bubbley holes and stick like you now what. I think just running over it with a scaler or chip hammer may leave flux around the undercut (which may or may not burn out on the next pass) or may drive it in deeper. As an aside, it is fun to dig out a weld with an air arc or grinder just to see if an inspector knows what to look for.
  7. In general, if one were doing a root weld with a back-up strip on mild steel using dual shield with 100% CO2 for shielding gas that was to be UT tested, would it be possible for a needle scaler to "pound" in flux that would show as inclusions on an inspection? I can probably give more tech specifics and some parameters but it was years ago at a barge builder I worked at and there was a big debate over grinding it out vs using a needle scaler. I used a grinder and think you can see pinholes and other junk while grinding but not so much when just "chipping it off". It seemed the guys that used grinders always moved on and the needle scalers headed for the nearest air arc... just thinking back and wondering. Scott.
  8. Bird

    Some of us are born with it, others aqquire it. I know personally some that may have picked it up in the SOF, or other PTSD, so it's all good and in fun Thomas!
  9. Fish

    They have no fangs...
  10. Is this a "seasoned welder" trick or something because I've never heard of it. Kind of like stuffing Weld Kleen in a gas cup? Theres lot of jokes you can play on the "new guy" but I've always found it more amusing and fun to help them and watch them learn. Ticks off some of the old hands sometimes, but tough. More power to u J.C. R III. Scott.
  11. Bird

    No confusion there, but I have read and it is widely rumored, Clausewitz may have suffered from Witzelsucht. But then dont we all....
  12. Fish

    That's a fine fish there, poundhound. Of course, I'm a big fan of fish, and that is nice! I bet your friend smiled when you gave it to him. <grin>. I wish I had added some color to the one I made up above... I gave mine away to a friend as well. I suppose I could ask for it back for some "re-work" but he likes it as is. I think a prehistoric fish sculpture would be fun. Scott.
  13. Bird

  14. Bird

    Thanks, Das, but you know what they say about a blind squirrel. Selling to different personalities, another thing to consider trying to sell my creations. Just like the farm market, some want to know about what they are buying and some just want something to throw in a frying pan or salad bowl. I think all your ideas and suggestions will help my sales grow, so thank you. Me too...
  15. Bird

    Das, I admire those who can spin a good yarn... I'm not one of them. My stories are either too lame or so far out there I dont think I want too hit the "submit reply button" . Lets just say Bill was hatched out in my shop in a burst of fire and sparks. His nest is made of barbed wire in a huge oak tree overlooking the farm (who needs ADT security?). What he eats is a mystery to me but local farmers report a lot of missing livestock and the railroad cant explain the roofs torn off of their grain cars. I have my suspisions.... He probably spends his time swooping through the countryside, fields and forests on moon-lit nights looking for someone or something to terrorize. But he really has a sweet disposition once you get to know him, as long as he is not hungry! And he loves being scratched behind the ears... I may take you up on the LED offer. Cool idea. Imagine hooking that up to a simple capacitor circuit to make them glow on and off. Hahaha.. Ausfire, you are safe. I am too far away from your scrap pile. But I would bet you would have to run me off with a shotgun if I ever got into it. You might not have anything left... There are not many miners picks in these parts, I can see metal sculpture possibilities for those galore. And I need more time to use up my scrap heap!