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    Metal art, smithing, casting, fabrication, and repair work. I have minimal balacksmithing skills having started recently but i have a propane forge and a piece of rail, no anvil yet. I have small benchtop lathe, horiz mill and shaper that i have fun with. Also like cooking, have a bit of an oversized garden that keeps growing bigger, creating tile mosaics, hunting and fishing omong other things. AC Lincoln buzz box for welding and a cutting torch.

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  1. Robert, sorry I got carried away with my fish story, its pretty small and will fit in the palm of your hand. Im using a buffing wheel oone tonight and im only one grit away from a mirror polish.
  2. Hat tip to Frosty! Ausfire do you share any of your work on a rail related forum?
  3. Well, i have to say thanks for all the nice comments... but i have to admit I was worried that you all might think there was something a little fishy with me. It weighs 186 lbs but the real story behind it is the spanish gallion cannon brass i got the material froom. Frosty, its all good, sometimes I think my humor gets out of control and i HAVE to hold myself in check. Skulldugery is much fun. I wanted to title my Introduction forum thread thing "Look what the cat dragged in" but i erred on the conservative side. Thanks Das, John n JHCC.
  4. I cast this with some left over brass in the pot. I made it with lost foam. Soon I hope to learn lost wax, which is probably a better method. It's a lot of fun to pull a casting out of the sand!
  5. I have not tried animal heads yet or any other kind of heads for that matter but your work is inspiring. I best like the one from a bolt (im figuring) with the nut for a base.
  6. Nice work. Who is the expert at putting all those parts back together, I'd need a blueprint and several of the old plant workers for help. Sorry about sidetracking those thread, Im guilty party. To get back on track what ARE You going to make out of it? ( pizza oven)
  7. Automation and analog to digital convertors are capable of everything on earth except individualism, true artisanship and the human touch. Barring a carrington event ;-/
  8. Outstanding! It's great to see preservation going on. I bet that crane put a dent in your budget lol. Best I can do for posterity is an old pull type roadgrader that my father left. Its all i can doo not to use all those gears and hand made parts on a scarecrow sculpture I'm working on but it's hands off! I guess I assumed the museum was in your area but I bet it would be a bit longer trip for me... Btw, one of my first jobs in life was switching railcars at a repair shop with an engine not much bigger than that one. Never a dull moment there.
  9. I have similar one that as mentioned above I used for tacking and spot welding but now i keep it in the back of my truck with a smalk generator for fixing things that a cord wont reach, such as the gate on my lane, small fence work and my mailbox post that people seem to like to destroy. If you have a clean joint and fresh wire they work ok. If it gets totally worn out tear it apart, lots of metal art material in there if you like that type of thing. Scott
  10. Heres my first try at making a knife. I cut a horseshoe in half and got twoo for one. I hammered it into the shape I wanted but a flap wheel sure did help. It was just a see what you can do project because I'm just starting out. I put together a propane forge this winter and it's like the first time i welded two pieces of metal together or used a cutting torch. Another metalworking skill... possibilities seem endless.
  11. Thanks for the link. The field days look like a very interesting time. Love steam power myself. The closest i have been to it is when UP's Challenger stopped in town. I was able to get up close and feel the heat radiating off. Too bad about the museum narrow guage though. Not too terribly far from here a major carrier abandoned a line and a group of investors tried to save it as a tourist attraction but unfortunately it didnt take off. I imagine the overhead and maintenance costs were just too much. Now it's sold off and being torn up for scrap.
  12. Does the steam museum happen to have a website? I thought it was a rock crusher too but those rolls look pretty smooth for drawing in aggregate unless its for the fines or they are just worn down. That shovel gives it bling...
  13. Right you are ausfire! I did some google image research and sure enough, there are none on the back. I never noticed that as i was making it. Kind of like a fish with no gills haha. Daswulf, i put a lot of my things in the garden and flower patch and It'd be my luck to root around pulling weeds and poke my eye out on an antennae. Mayby if I put a ballbearing or a cork on the end. I have market garden with a lot of rods for plant cage support and it is an issue if not careful. You are both right about details too, room for improvement, thanks. ThomasPowers, thanks for the laugh, i love bgrade hoorror movies. Now im off to the shop to make some little metal stickmen for my ant to terrorize!
  14. Tough chewing zadforney. I made that for a friend, hammered it out, wire wheeled it, made a base for it and took a pic oof it. Then i gave it to him and posted a pic on here. NOW I see it has no gills!! Good gravey.
  15. Hi Mick. Do a little research on chromium. Its extremely toxic and is a component of SS. At work we are not allowed to weld on it and i suppose that trying to melt it would be no different if not worse. Its a hexavalent and any hexanes are bad stuff. Scott.