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  1. "but there were a lot more tools I didn’t recognize." Those can be fun to find. If they are cheaply priced (and they usually are, most others have no idea what they are either) I buy them up and "figure it out later". Or haggle around and get them thrown in to boot... That's a nice saw, Goods. I wanted one badly and searched for years with no luck. Finally, I gave up and built my own.
  2. I think you would be doing each other a favor snapping it all up. Nice find!
  3. Nodebt

    New tools!

    Possible. Mine almost have already...
  4. Nodebt

    New tools!

    Perfect weather for gadding about.....
  5. Sorry for muddying up the waters with my epoch comment. I should eschew speaking off the cuff and get my facts straight..
  6. Nodebt

    New tools!

    You have to love tools of any sort that make other tools.
  7. Early, when I struggle out of bed in the morning, Middle when I'm tired and worn out from eating lunch, and Late when I can't sleep worrying about doing it all over in the morning....
  8. I feel like I'm from the Triassic epoch when I crawl out of bed some mornings. Creak and crunch....
  9. George, there's two conversations going on about crinoids at the same time here. What are the odds.... Look over at the tail end of "Testing hammer accuracy" under the "general discussion" forum. Just don't get any ticks on you......
  10. What topic was that? I missed it. I searched but only got a few hits. I did find Fossil Forum tho. Edit: Nevermind. I found it. If it was a snake it would have bit me....
  11. I do fossil mosaics in tile as a side hobby, but never looked at crinoids. Very interesting....
  12. Which now makes me wonder about flushing them.
  13. Have you ever tried to get the skunk smell off a dog? I walked around a corner once and happened to trap a skunk. They hiss, have mean looking teeth and can be quite intimidating without the spray. Nice tick advice Glenn. They also go well down the toilet, if handy.
  14. I wish I had stayed in Nebraska. Here they have more yellow jackets than possible (and probably worse flying killer insects, if thats possible), venemous snakes, brown recluse and heavens only knows what other kinds of spiders, lizards, fire ants.... I saw a beetle yesterday the size of a half dollar, with pincers to match. And that's if you don't get t-boned on the way home from work! But the people are nice here... bad drivers but nice...
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