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  1. Do you have a sense of humor? How do you feel about constructive criticism? Your work is beyond me so I thought I would ask. Clothes pins I can understand.
  2. Maybe grind a few flat spots on it so it does not mark or scroll crooked. Or heat and beat a flat spot... Idk.
  3. Is that the abandoned rail line tour conductor? Most debonair. I want one of those pipes!
  4. I thought those handlebars were just for looks!
  5. Do you get a complimentary free drink and a bag of peanuts?
  6. It doesnt look quite as twisted as yours but it seems Tamco made them too. I like rr relics so I searched around the web but couldn't find much on the use of them. Theres something called a "granny picker" for switches but I think thats a different tool.
  7. Those shims look like what we used for aligning motors and pumps. You can use them on your saw. But the laser will really cost you...
  8. Sorry, Thomas, I couldn't edit in time. Not very calming and refreshing when the dog finds you!
  9. Almost nothing is more calming and refreshing to the mind and soul than touring the scrap heaps and digging around. It's almost like panning for gold and finding a nugget.
  10. Thumbs up Frosty! I thought it was a full size replica. I blame it on this tiny phone screen....
  11. hillsideshortleg Posted 23 hours ago "I hang out at the scrap yard more than I should." Impossibility. Please.... Looks like you spent a lot of time and effort on your face sculpture. You should have included a holder so he don't burn his lips. Nice tractor as well. Did you fabricate that gate?
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