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    Metal art, smithing, casting, fabrication, and repair work. I Also like cooking, have a bit of an oversized garden that keeps growing bigger, creating tile mosaics, hunting and fishing among other things.

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  1. Ok, seldom, I will do some checking around and see what I can find. Maybe I can find one that likes beer, or, as I've read elsewhere on forums a box of donuts... 1000 shoe sculpture. Biggundoctor, that sounds very interesting... I have a pile of rr spikes I've been adding to. I'm thinking about welding them all into one BIG spike.
  2. What could be made of these? Or uses? They are 5'x3' and 1/8 to 1/4" thick. The holes are 1/8". They are grinder screens from a hammer mill. I have permission to take the old, worn out ones from work as they become available. And there are a lot of them. I tried making fire-pit rings but they are really springy, and dont think I'd like to be around if the weld ever broke. I did make wings out of some of it for a butterfly sculpture but its hard to torch cut to shape. I tried flattening one out by driving over it with the truck but it just sprang back to its original shape. They scrap a lot of them and it seems a waste. Any ideas would be welcome 8-). Scott.
  3. Just remember to unplug that drill before you take a bite... Nice!
  4. Having the grinder rest set correctly is important with wire wheels. They tend to grab and pull things in. Corded hand grinders with wire wheels can be pretty lethal as well. A trigger lock and cup wheel on a 4.5" grinder can be a bad combination. But I'm sure I wouldn't know that from a close shave...
  5. Hello seldom. Yes those are new horseshoes, unfortunately i dont have a source for used ones. I have ten or so old ones that I tacked up on the sheds for luck but I'm not taking them down, I need all I can get. . They look nicer hanging there than new ones too. Scott.
  6. Well thanks Frosty. Most of my metal sculptures have been made with "structural" materials like pipe, bar, etc., with some heating, bending, crushing, that sort of thing. Using materials that others can identify and pick out lends interest to the piece and now I have to really start using my imagination! Always room for change and improvement...
  7. No Ausfire, I'm afraid I left him with only four legs, but I agree six would look better. I will try adding a set. You make a good point about about using recycled things. People like to identify the different pieces and parts in a sculpture. Me too!
  8. That's a fine looking project. It has a great old timey, rustic look about it.
  9. Lol, if those ear plugs are foam, and most are, a red hot one will burn right through them. I had to go to a specialist for the one in the eye, and it left a itty bitty "crater" for lack of a better word. I'd like to shake the hand of the guy that invented those eye numbing drops they use. I had a hood and glasses on at the time. Word to the wise, look out for those little dremel wire wheels as well as the big oones. Those tiny wires fly off at 10,000 or so rpm. I think they must be made overseas.
  10. I used to do a lot of air arcing and quickly learned a quality pair of metatarsal boots were a worthy investment. They help with burning up laces too. I once had a weld bb bounce up under my safety glasses. I dont know how, but it did, and stuck right to my eyeball.
  11. Yes, Das, I like to use horse shoes on projects like these for the market and they are easy enough to straighten. I finally got an anvil yesterday, so think I'll be working on some bug wings tomorrow. Just to test it out 8-). Those eyes are roller bearings that I tacked on underneath. Thanks 58er.
  12. Heres a dragon fly I made. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from visitors to my garden.
  13. That is an awesome sculpture. I love how you have him perched up there, ready to swoop down for a meal.
  14. Heres a couple of sad sack skulls I cast last halloween for some young spooks I know. They are pretty small, thats a chunk of rail they are sitting on. I do create in other subjects than "bones" but I'm stuck in a rut. LOL...... No. More. Fish.
  15. Hi 58er. That comb over is probably his "gathering unit" for his mystical powers... most people call them a tin-foil hat. Not sure why... Would it be possible for you to post a picture of your die that you made? I confess I know nothing of this and am very interested in it. Im aware of dies used in industry and mfg but not this purpose. Is this for producing them faster/easier for sale? Do you hammer or press your die into your material and then finish it by hand? Is your aim to have the die produce a detailed finished wizard/whatever? Sorry for so many questions at once but Im very interested. And if it's common knowledge my ears are burning already .