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    Metal art, smithing, casting, fabrication, and repair work. I Also like cooking, have a bit of an oversized garden that keeps growing bigger, creating tile mosaics, hunting and fishing among other things.

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  1. You mean theres $$ involved? How much does a Head Distributor rake in on such a scheme? I'll PM you. Pies are too fragile. We used to throw dirt clods for distance, and sometimes at each other. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients! Gettem While Their Hot!!!
  2. No conflict. Great Caesers Ghost! Go for the ground floor my friend. I can pick up manure knicknacks anywhere. FYI its more like PLOP vs SWAP. Gotta go, Gunsmokes coming on.
  3. Glue some up in the shape of a moose. Picture or it didn't happen..... Perhaps we can swap nuggets. I have Holstien. I would probably look funny wearing those earings around but I would do it just for you. In case anybody asks, do you take orders these days?
  4. I think I would pay cash money to see a moose nugget sculpture. Never seen one of those..... This is when inspirational things happen. Scott
  5. Was that a bad word? I try to keep within the decorum of the forum so to speak. http://sofk9memorial.com/
  6. USN 85-89. Fun times in the North Atlantic. Shiver me xxxxxx timbers.....
  7. Ausfire, that is a pleasing work of functional art. You blend wood and metal nicely. I imagine many a weary traveler/tourist will ease their eye on it. Maybe rest other body parts as well? I grew up in a tiny whistle stop town. They are currently moving the depot/station to a new location to save it so there are some left who care. Its up on blocks waiting for the flatbed. I remember as a young boy climbing around on the boxcars on the siding for fun... Let a kid try that today....
  8. Thank you. I used Gorilla glue, but just a spot to avoid the yellow blob that always seems to materialize after it starts to dry. I suspect it might not have been clean enough as you suggest. I like the idea of tinning it, that never occured to me. I may try JB Weld as well, it may blend in nicely. My friend said just a few strands came off at first, then it all went. Happens to us all, I guess.
  9. I made this small figure for a friend that heads up a group of fellows that do historical re-enactments for a local festival. It was also an experiment using steel wool in my work. Welding it on was frustrating (8-)) so I used glue and unfortunately the hair, beard and mustache all fell off. Never experiment with a gift.
  10. And for good reason. It looks as though the bar on the bottom of the beak is offset on the "mouth" end, to the nut and casting. Its seems centered on the "head" end. Clue? Idk. The "eye" is probably for a bolt to hold the thing tight on a shaft. Confused yet? So am I.... I can tell you what it is. Its the head to another fine pelican!
  11. That beak looks like a missing spark advance linkage mechanism for my Hupmobile. If you have another, I would be glad to pay shipping.... Nice Pelican!
  12. I dont care to post twice but a thought occured to me (usually a red flag). You picked a fine subject for your piece in these troublesome times.
  13. Depositing old wrenches and ball bearings sounds like mighty painful labor to me.
  14. Your work is very pleasing to the eye.
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