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  1. It would serve them right! Canyon it is. My whole day has been like that. Put some plastic cobwebs on that skeleton....
  2. I bet their truck fell into an arroyo, never to be seen again.
  3. I thought that was a candy dish on your head. No wonder I searched and searched for Madame Cathy Ter in vain..... No Catheters for me! Yet....
  4. I am stumped on this one: Madame Cathy Ter. Maybe I can get my sister to play Madame Endoscopy but I doubt it. She says I'm a loose cannon.... Maybe I'll just go as Grandpa Munster and forget about it. I used to wear overalls all the time. Plenty of pocket space, somewhere to put your marking chalk/pencil and non-binding.
  5. Wow Jerry, my sister is having a halloween party and I would borrow that costume idea but I doubt I could pull it off as suavely as you..... I may work up the nerve. Idk..... I'd have to find a willing Madame Endoscopy... I have dress clothes that I dust off occasionally for weddings, funerals or a fancy dinner. I haven't found a church here yet, but back home the dress code eroded away and people just wear whatever. I feel most comfortable in work clothes so thats what I wear everyday. Work boots only in the shop, they hurt my feets. Tennis shoes feel fine.....
  6. T-rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus get all the glory. Consider Kronosaurus, 22 tons and it fed on sharks. Harvard had a specimen knicknamed Plasterosaurus as the result of it being recovered using dynamite and they used good old plaster to reconstruct it. It is amazing what came before us.
  7. Tri spike would make a good display mount for an ammonite specimen I have or a nice countertop "Vulcans Grill" recipie book holder if one ever gets published. The more I look at it......
  8. "I had to stop dressing as the homicidal nurse Frosty and it was a good one too. <sigh> The steam punk pirate is fun, I can talk techno babble for hours on any topic." "Please post photos"
  9. Not the same thing but along the same lines, my dad passionately hated junk mail so he would swap the contents of one scam letter into the postage paid envelope of another and vice versa, costing both companies money. He cursed a lot while he was doing it. I suppose todays robo calls and email scams have their roots in in junk mail and tv scam artists and hucksters.
  10. My comment seemed to me a bit vague and could be taken the wrong way. I'm working on it..... Vegetable soup! That one guys looks green tinted.....
  11. I was referring to the two puking guys with my candy eating comment.... Sorry for any confusion. I need a 24 hour edit window sometimes....
  12. it looks as though a couple of those folks ate more halloween candy than they could handle. I'd love to see a video of that witch flying around! Do they have cackling sound effects?
  13. Irondragon, I am near Seagrove, NC and they have a LOT of pottery shops. I've visited some and their work is fantastic. I did not see any mill balls though. Another potential resource..... TW, you are making some nice tools and I didn't mean to steer your thread off into mill ball land!
  14. I will keep my eye out for those as well. I was watching videos showing how mill balls are made. There is just something about watching hot metal being squashed into dies..... Some of them were cast.
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