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  1. Very nice. More please. My grandpa was a tool and die man. I find it facinating, but never had the time or brain power to pursue it! I am of the artistic bent....
  2. You never know where he will turn up! I am a big fan. They are thinking of you, I think....
  3. It's like you told me not long ago. Spark/shop therapy. Do what you can. I wish you well, my friend. Scott
  4. Soooo.... Are you saying Gort isn't real and the Earth vs. the Flying Saucers never happened? How about them Nazca Lines, hmmmm?
  5. Learning from UFO's would be much quicker. It took me 3 months of migraines, C++ for dummies, a junk computer with a severed printer cord and a breadboard with sloppy holes to light up a LED. But then again, I am a little slow!
  6. After all, I didn't say electron telescope! My remark was about how small IC's and electronics in general are growing. I guess I never heard of that theory about Bell Labs...
  7. Oh, I burned up my fair share of those chips before I got fed up and broke out the chart and cakalator. Sometimes it only halfway destroys them and that REALLY confuses a hobbiest. Nowadays I suppose you need an electron microscope to see things!
  8. Will do, Billy, will do. I am trying to work it in to our schedule, but I have a feeling it will be all business and no fun. We will see! Didn't Dr. Who battle the the Silurians at some point in time? What color code? Trial and error.... They get hot FAST! Disclaimer: Everybody follow the unspeakable color code!
  9. My hat's off to you. The cool, wickedly awesome, imagination factor on that one blew the needle right off the scale.
  10. Great concept you have there, Rojo. I might use that idea someday, if I may. Maybe add a hinged port hole cover, open to the side. A very nice gift!
  11. BillyBones, actually, that is the route we are taking. Thanks for the tip. We are going in a caravan so the way some of my family drives I may have to throw out the anchor! It is on my radar. I am a big fan of trilobites and ammonites too. The way we will be packed/loaded though, one specimen and we may be in danger of blowouts, weightwise.
  12. Oh, I know that bubba. I'm a firm believer in learning everyday. It's just sometimes I get mired in my own way of doing things. I don't like to lead others astray. Live and learn! That IS a nice chart!
  13. That should have read "This was our potato patch". Idk what went wrong! Hurt, hurt, hurt your back....
  14. Sorry. Does a lightbulb in a wood box make it a rod oven? I probably should have said "prevent" moisture. I always stored all of them that way. Just trying to be helpful and evidently learning in the process.
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