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  1. Wishing you well Das. Scott.
  2. I do not have any, sorry. I'll see if he will be nice enough to send me one or two.
  3. Thanks. I put holes behind the eyes so he can set a candle or flashlight behind it and make them glow. Kind of spooky but Halloweens not far off!
  4. Apple crisp, fresh out of the oven! I bet those blackbirds love you....
  5. At first I thought it was an old parts tumbler. I will go out on a limb and "guess" its an ancient shop made swage for expanding something and probably had interchangeable cone shaped mandrels of different sizes if that shaft goes in and out, not round and round. Have you seen any other cone shaped objects laying around? Scott.
  6. A friend gave me a broken cast iron pot of some sort and wanted something unique in return. I'd say he got what he asked for. Tricky stuff to weld to. One of the eyes would not take until I bought the correct rod.
  7. How is your post holding up there, Jungle? Did you put anything under that leg? I am very curious if you own a bench vise.... Scott.
  8. The only thing safe to lick these days may be a tootsie roll pop. Just ask the owl.... The old turtle don't know nothing...
  9. Nodebt

    Am I wrong

    We used to call that mouthwash soap when we were young kids.... What I was referring to hasn't been invented yet I don't think.
  10. Nodebt

    Am I wrong

    Every time my fingers start typing or my lips start moving I have learned to be careful. I am still learning. It's a steep curve, epecially with no oral auto-correct that I know of.
  11. Now I've got the drum roll and intro theme song stuck in my head. Nice change from chicken jingles.
  12. "Finger Licking Good" comes to mind. Unfortunately, another victim of our stupid pandemic.
  13. .... Although it's very hard to pass up a comment on shoulder length rubber gloves....
  14. I am my own worst critic. What a day.
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