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  1. Maybe look into a piezo igniter that you push the button to make a spark. Like Goods said if you don't wait too long to turn the gas back on the residual heat will reignite the burner.
  2. I would say Jim Bowie and his knife has a lot to do with folks fascination with knives. A lot of times when doing demo's, I would get asked can you make a Bowie knife.
  3. Look up & down the road, they are probably at the wrong house and digging a trench across their driveway as inconstant/incompetent as they seem.
  4. This thread has a little discussion on the rods used, might answer a question or 2. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/16998-robb-gunther-and-karl-schuler39s-anvil-repair-process/
  5. I would say 30+ years of experience has something to do with it. Do you wire brush the steel, as it comes out of the fire before hammering?
  6. Who got a great deal? A lot of replies on this 2 year old thread.
  7. I got one that said there was a warrant out for my arrest and there was a deputy en route to serve the warrant, but if I gave them my debit card number & pin he would be called off. I told them he better have a lot of ammo because he will need it, they hung up.
  8. When I lived down in Florida, I had a neighbor who was always borrowing stuff. Usually I had to run him down to get it back sometimes damaged. I started making him leave a cash deposit to cover the cost of a new item. He quit borrowing stuff when I kept his deposit after not returning an expensive hedge trimmer.
  9. I haven't dressed for Halloween since I was about twelve. Bah Humbug...
  10. Same here except no glove, I just brush the scale off with my bare hand prior to pulling the steel out of the fire. It's usually cooled off enough to not bother me but my wife uses a fox tail brush, tender hands ya know.
  11. We figured out what was causing them with our second boy, right at a year from the first.
  12. I don't know none of your links work for me. I get file not found.
  13. On our land line I never answer calls due to so many robo calls, unless I recognize the number or caller ID is from someone I know. I let them leave a number, my voice mail says "I can't come to the phone right now, leave your name & number and if I want to talk to you I will call you back. If you don't hear from me wellll. On my cell unless they are in my contacts, same voice mail message and I block most unknown numbers. I don't get many robo calls on it though.
  14. My large A/O welding tanks were empty so I decided to down size a little to tanks that would fit on a cart I picked up at a BOA meeting for $10 US. The large tanks wouldn't fit on it. Before... After and a hole in my wallet but at least I can move them easier. These followed me home too good for small jobs like setting rivets etc.
  15. As a general rule I like thicker flat guards too. One thing I do though is to round off the sharp corners.
  16. I use uBlock Origin on all browser's. It's free and works very well and easy to use. Which is important to me I like easy.
  17. Looks like your current blower is doing more than an adequate job. Like George N.M. said, learning fire control & maintenance will work better than increasing the air. Too much air is just as bad as too little.
  18. I think that is what it is, I've seen some with the S&S stamping. Here is one thread. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/64789-const-info-on-sichelschmidt-schlasse/
  19. I have on of those 10 foot fiberglass C band satellite dishes, that I wanted to make it into a gazebo roof. The problem I can see is the weight and being able to raise it 10 feet by myself (it's heavy) maybe using the front loader on the tractor would work.
  20. Welcome aboard... One thing that hasn't been mentioned is please do not do any grinding, milling or welding on that old anvils hardened face. More anvils have been ruined by trying to improve the looks.
  21. I found that no matter what I coated them with, soft fire brick deteriorates rapidly in the propane forge. I use them for doors on our forge only because I have a lot of them from the Kilns. If you decide to go ahead and build a brick forge I suggest using Morgan K26 bricks.
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