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    What did you do in the shop today?

    To me it looks layered with a high carbon layer in the center.
  2. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Yes it's layered through out. Looking at the end of the poll there is a thicker layer in the center with many outer layers.
  3. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    What did you do in the shop today?

    At our last B.O.A. meeting (Saturday the 12th) the host member graciously gifted a small axe head to my wife. It was pretty grungy with some rust but looked like it may be forge welded Damascus. Over the next several days I cleaned it up with a Scotch Brite pad and 0000 steel wool. It is Damascus with a random pattern but looks very nice. Not knowing what steel it's made from, I decided to etch it with strong black instant coffee. It turned out really nice. I found an old broken hammer handle which I shaped to fit her grip to re-handle it. She now has a nice small scary sharp hatchet to take camping and make all of her camping buddies jealous. The interesting thing about it is, the eye is drilled instead of punched & drifted.
  4. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Hazards of Dumpster Diving

    I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST Usually when we talk about dumpster diving, it refers to the scrap metal bins. Not knowing where in the world you are located, I can't speak to the laws governing dumpsters, but here in Arkansas once property is placed in a commercial dumpster it belongs to the company that owns the dumpster and you had better have written permission to remove anything from it.
  5. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Small Fly Press Restoration project

    Never heard of a penetrating fluid named Plus-Gas, just wondering if it's a 50/50 mix of acetone & automatic trans fluid, like we use over here. That mix works wonders on rusted parts.
  6. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Show me your snakes

    My wife made this guy from an old rasp.
  7. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Mount for a post vise?

    I'm expert at helping messing things up, just ask my wife.
  8. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Unknown Soderfors cutter?

    That was my first thought, a key for a large steam hammer.
  9. When using our coal forge, I rake the burning coals out of the fire pot and use a sprinkling can to extinguish the burning coal. This was taught to me in the early 80s and has worked well since, bonus it leaves coke to start the next fire with.
  10. Big difference in CO2 and CO. CO has no odor and will kill you quicker. I wouldn't use any forge in an enclosed shop for any length of time period.
  11. We use both, depending upon conditions and the job at hand. The propane forge is a recent addition and I wish we had made it years ago.
  12. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    What is this?

    My bet is on the hoof jack, probably had a leather sling at the top.
  13. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    hay budden anvil

    You have an exceptionally nice looking Hay Budden there. I hope you have read about not doing any grinding or milling on the face. To me it looks like there is an A prefix in the serial number. Someone with a copy of AIA will no doubt be along with more info. If I remember right the A prefix was used early 1900s I think 1918.
  14. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    It followed me home

    The only reason I can think of, is to keep small items from falling into the holes. Just a wild guess though.
  15. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Christmas items 2018

    My wife received a 2X72 KMG belt grinder and I a Hobart Handler 187 MIG welder. We both got coal.
  16. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Mount for a post vise?

    Here ya go... enough pictures of the mount to make one.
  17. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Screen Time vs. Anvil Time

    Back to Screen Time vs Anvil Time. I've been at the forge & anvil on & off for 35 years. I was taught the basics fire management and hammer techniques by a master blacksmith. When I want to brush up on a technique that I haven't used in years or CRS has set in, I turn to screen time. I've found out that even an old dog can learn new tricks by doing that, and not only from the master/experienced Smith's but also from someone who is new to blacksmithing on this site, they have expanded/refreshed my knowledge.
  18. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    How to forge a flatter.. No swage block used..

    Your photo's on the intro are great. I'm sure they help folks connect with you.
  19. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Aspiring hobby blacksmith in New Mexico

    Welcome... This thread will help you get the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST
  20. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Friction caliper fail

    Just keep at it. You don't learn the limits, unless you push the limits.
  21. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Double burner gas forge

    Welcome to IFI Ricky, have you read this thread yet? READ THIS FIRST It will help you get the best out of the forum. Yes, this is the right place to show off your forge. Pictures are always welcome and appreciated.
  22. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Do I Upgrade/Is this an Upgrade

    Yes, no, maybe Ridgid has had some hardness problems. Sounds to me like you just want a new anvil, so go for it if it makes you happy. The two Ridgid anvils I have worked on were fine anvils.
  23. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Buffalo Forge model 6660

    Welcome to IFI, I doubt you would find one to purchase, it can be welded, if the welder knows what they are doing. Where in the world are you located? Have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST
  24. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Pump forge

    Like you were told in the thread about the forge, you will have to machine or forge a new shaft & hand fit it. If you were to edit your profile to show your location, you might be surprised to find a member near you and if you join a blacksmith club near you there are probably members who could make a shaft for you.
  25. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Jim Munn

    Can't help with the anvil. It might help to know where in the world it's located though. This thread will help you get the best out of IFI. READ THIS FIRST