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  1. Welcome aboard Tyler. It sounds like you will fit right in here. The link pnut gave you is full of hints like how to do the best search because the forum search is not the best and some will help in staying off the moderators radar. We love pictures, just be sure to resize them so they don't take up so much bandwidth and data. We have members world wide and many still have to rely upon dial up internet or pay extra for data. Remember in rust we trust.
  2. I usually haggle at yard sales and junk stores. A while back my wife & I were at a junk store that had three large wrought iron wagon tires. He wanted 10$ apiece for them. I offered 20$ for all three and he accepted. While loading them on the truck he said he didn't know what they were and asked what we were going to use them for. I explained we were blacksmiths and because they were old wagon tires made from wrought iron they were getting harder to find. As we were pulling out my wife chastised me for giving him an education and if he comes across any others you can bet the price will be tripled.
  3. Read a story today that folks who are working from home are drinking a lot more. I don't drink any more or any less since this "social distancing" started. I have been wondering which genius coined that term, the very act of distancing is antisocial. Since I've been called antisocial by some, I decided to use the term "physical distancing" instead. Thomas, putting some smoldering oakum in your beard braids would really top off the look.
  4. Happy to hear you are getting back up to speed. So far the Saex looks good, can hardly wait to see the finished knife.
  5. Welcome aboard Gabriel. I always recommend reading this to get the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST Knowing where in the world you are located will help with many answers, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show your location. I doubt seriously you will be able to find an original screw & screw box for that monster vise. Making one like in this thread is not that hard. What is wrong with the one that is in it?
  6. When we were working for the Cadillac dealership in Miami mid to late 70s GM, was going to electronic/computer ignition systems. One of the mechanics/radio man had a CB in his van that was so powerful that when he keyed the mic while driving on I95, it would shut off all the GM vehicles near him. He had so much fun with that moving traffic out of his way.
  7. The cement you listed is not a decent or recommended refractory. If you do some reading here you will see what is recommended.
  8. Reading the news on Yahoo all the stories about covid19 are all gloom and doom., don't go to the grocery store for the next 2 weeks, millions are going to die (exaggeration on my part) and on and on. Then on the local news the stories were a bit more positive, states like New York are seeing a leveling off of new cases and fewer deaths...*good grief* one doesn't know what to believe. To update a Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) attributed quote. If you don't watch the news, you are uninformed. If you do watch the news, you are misinformed.
  9. The Tim LIvely washtub forge lives on here, can't tell how many new folks have been advised to build one.
  10. I think I've read that the tuyere outlet should be 2 inches off the floor.
  11. Yep... Ike Doss was 90 and still in his shop 6 days a week. He had no intentions of slowing down, until he was hit by a car while walking to the shop one sad morning. He never recovered from that and passed away at 91.
  12. We won't remember this once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show your location. READ THIS FIRST
  13. More than likely it's just black paint. I have never removed the coating before forging coil springs and never saw any special coatings.
  14. If someone claims it's theirs make them ID it with the serial number or other identifying stuff like the price tag on it or make & model. There are folks who would lie about it being theirs, so don't put any of that info on the signs, a mig welder should suffice. You may have gotten the one finger salute because it was stolen from the rightful owner. I agree with Slag, you did all that would be reasonably required to notify them they dropped it.
  15. If your friend doesn't want to do it with the lathe, you could probably put a bolt & nut with washers through them and turn them down with a drill press and rasp.
  16. Welcome aboard Tim, that's a good looking Bowie. As a personal preference, I like the coffin style handles. Wonder if you have read this yet? READ THIS FIRST It will help in getting the best out of the forum with tips like editing your profile to show your location and many other tips.
  17. Here in AR, I use 80wt gear oil or chainsaw bar oil with a little STP to lube the 30 pound Star hammer. I had to pour the Babbitt bearings when I got it 20 years ago and they are still like new, haven't had to remove any shims in all those years.
  18. My wife is the exact opposite, when we are out looking, I will pass something up and hear ohh I want that. I just say yes mam & pick it up, she has found some really useful stuff, I have to admit. One time she was at a farm auction and brought home a very large dynamite cabinet/magazine which she paid &5 for. I was grumbling while unloading it from the truck saying I don't know what we would do with it. She pointed out it's made of 1/4 inch steel plate 3x8 feet and all the hardware is usable steel. and we need a plasma cutter, to make it easier to take it all apart, any wonder why I lover her so much.
  19. I was going by the chart GACO has for the btu's. Trying to calculate it in the forge would give me a migraine. Most of our work is carried out at around 5psi.
  20. Welcome aboard Oli... Have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST It will help in getting the best out of the forum with tips like editing your profile to show your location among many others.
  21. I don't know what happened but my post had this quote in it. That was what I referred to when I said hope he had proof of that statement. Seems the quote was removed or lost somehow. I see why you quoted it, and I apologize to BillyBones because it looks like I addressed his post.