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  1. Bear Creek Iron Works

    It followed me home

    Farmall, Thank You for your input
  2. Bear Creek Iron Works

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Productive day. I’ll just leave this here.
  3. Bear Creek Iron Works

    It followed me home

    Honestly, we are always lucky when they aren’t seized. I have seen so many beat xxxxx I paid $70 for it which I thought was a bit steep considering the missing handle but I wasn’t going to turn it down. I believe it has a 5 inch air pipe coming off of it
  4. Bear Creek Iron Works

    It followed me home

    Found this big bad blower at a local wood working shop. The fan is free, i.e. it spins and produces Air! One draw back, no handle for it. I haven’t been able to find a ton of information regarding it, XXXX I haven’t seen too many that match it. It is from The Sanderson Cyclone Drill Company, Orrville, Ohio. I believe above the arrow reads 3 B L 1 (?) not sure what that is designating. If anyone knows anything regarding it I would greatly appreciate some genealogy regarding it. Not sure if I will leave it as is, if I decide to restore it I am not sure where I would start. Definitely needs a handle to blow though
  5. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    Thanks, ThomasPowers, Makes sense.
  6. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    Hi John In Oly! Thanks you for your reply. Drain hole is off to the side, I keep forgetting to get pictures of it. I don’t quite follow, do you mean having a plinth underneath the crucible? I haven’t read much on having the crucible up off the foundry floor while heating, I suppose more reading is in order! Yay! At least I am on night shift tonight. I am filing the hole for the burner to readjust its angel. You are correct, it will definitely help with heat distribution, I don’t want that flame directly hitting my nice, new crucibles. Even, incremental heat is what we are aiming at.
  7. Some stuff I have finished up 







  8. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    Update**** We have successfully cast the remaining portion of refractory in the foundry, New, Frosty-T burner is half way there, lid has been welded and will be finished in upcoming days. Currently working on tweaking the hole for the burner due to afformentioned oversight. It felt like eating a bowl of grapes only to realize they were olives. Hope you enjoy following our build! More to come...
  9. Bear Creek Iron Works

    TFS Anvils

    I forge on a 200# TFS blacksmiths anvil. Works well for what I need her for. Honestly, wish she was a bit bigger. If you do buy one brand new it will need a light clean up and the edges will need to be radiused.
  10. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    Hi, Smoggy. This is friend. The telescope we’re building is an 8 inch Newtonian, so a reflector. I’ve ground out the mirror and it’s all ready to go. The “Sudiball” base is going to be made from baltic birch but the mirror cell itself is the only bit we’re casting. Using metal for the part is much better than wood due to having fewer fluctuations in damp environments and because metal will normalize to the ambient temperature faster to reduce air currents over the mirror. A heavier mirror cell will also work to counterbalance the secondary cage. The atmospherics are certainly a consideration. There is a long history of using brass in telescopes so I wanted the design to harken to that. Here are a few pictures of the design from its creator website and the casting we hope to make.
  11. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    Frosty, Thank you for the link. I am new to burner building and have a very rudimentary understanding of the fundamentals involved in making. We will be working in the shop on Wednesday, should have some pictures up following. On another note, Holy Cow. The great Frosty the Lucky has given both time and knowledge. Quite the humbling experience for an amateur metal worker
  12. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    Frosty, it is a combo of both Ron Reil’s Burner Modification found on abana and a simple build we found from, “kingofrandom,” If I have that correct. The guy I am building this with came across that one, seemed feasible. Any suggestions, pointers, tips are welcome and appreciated.
  13. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    Here is the gas burner we are building. Along with being the first furnace I have build this is also the first burner. More pictures to come as things progress.
  14. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    OddDuck, Thank you for the knowledge. The furnace will be gas powered. The pipe going directly in was a minor oversight on my part. I believe the circular flow of heat is referred to as angular momentum. With a masonry bit and my drill I’m sure I can correct it with minor difficulty. I was fairly sure I was overthinking it at least a smidge.
  15. Bear Creek Iron Works

    Help with new furnace

    I have been trying there, for some reason I don’t have any posting power or privileges, I have emailed them but nothing back just yet. Besides, I am more familiar with iforgeiron, it’s an easier platform. Thank you for the response, hopefully someone can shed some light