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  1. Hello, I've made some progress in building my first propane fired forge. The forge body is 8" id (before insulation) and a length of 12" Lined it with 2 layers of 1" 8lb density Kaowool, followed with some Rigidizer and about 3/8" of Satanite. Installed on the forge floor is a 1" hard fire brick. Burner is a 3/4" running around 5-6psi. I used some soft firebrick as a temporary doors at each end. I couldn't wait to fire it up! I am in the process of building a proper stand for it.
  2. Thanks, So if you were standing in front of my anvil, where each small sides where on your left and right, would you put the 1/2 radii on the right side? I like your idea on making the long sides transition from 1/8-1/4, are you saying I should mirror them on the closer side as well? 1/8----1/4 1/8----1/4
  3. Hello, I'm about to start to dress my forklift tine anvil. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion on where I should grind in my different radii. I am looking to make some knives, some tongs and whatever other things I might want to make. I seen a square post anvil where he had a radii on each side with the following radii, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and just broke the edge on one side of his square post anvil, however, mine is rectangle shaped. I don't know where to stand in relationship to the anvil to use my anvil in the most effective way. If this was your anvil, what sides would you put the above radii for best use of the surface? Looking at my anvil, what side would you put the 1/2 radii, the 1/4 radii?, etc... Thanks.
  4. Yea, I was thinking about dressing the hammer as well, not sure to make it flat or rounded? Just getting started...
  5. Well, made some progress on my post anvil in the last few days. Not complete yet. Welded on a 1/4 plate to the bottom of the pipe, welded on some legs and got the forklift tine inserted into the pipe and temporary got it propped up vertically. Still have to dress the top of the anvil, paint it, find a place to mount it, fill with sand, etc. I also pickup a cross pein hammer off of craigslist for $5.00, weighs in at 2lb 12oz. Just about finished with the propane forge, gathering supplies for the lining. Kaowool and Satanite. Got the burner tested and is ready for action. Forgot to mention, the tine weighs 70lbs and the base weighs about 40lbs. So do I say I have a 70lb anvil or include the base weigh as well, 110lbs? Thanks Jeff Spring Hill,Fl.
  6. Hello, Just starting out in blacksmithing. Putting things together. Got a hold a a couple forklift tines, and a section of .5 wall steel pipe. Trying to figure out how to hold the tine in the upright position inside the pipe section. I am in the process of cutting the tine so I am left with a 2"x5"x25" section to use as a post anvils for knife making. The pipe section is 5.75id x 18" tall, no base yet. Any suggestion on how to go about mounting this anvil for use? Weld steel plate to bottom of pipe? attach to concrete floor? or use something in-between floor and anvil base, like wood? Not sure how high to make the top of the post anvil? I would like to insert the forklift tine into the steel pipe, fill pipe with something to hold the tine in the upright position. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks. Jeff Located in Florida.