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  1. The fittings say compression fittings for copper or plastic the center peices are i serts for the plastic i didnt use them though they just come installed incase you need them. The tubi g is refrigeration grade made in the USA. Attached pic. The burners are the T-Rex burners by Hybrid Burners. Ive heard nothing but great stuff about them. BTU chart Attached. Flare fittings for Copper tubing ive never seen them before. Where might I find them? What do they look like? Im using Itc 100ht to cover the blanket and I coated the inside metal of the forge and burner tips in It
  2. Hey there I need some help with hooking up the burners to my forge. Im new to smithing and this is my first attempt at a forge. My forge has 3 trex burners and my goal is to be able to use them independantly or all together. I have researched how the propane distribution block should look and came up with this. Pics attached. My issue is to go from the distrobution block to the burners i need to use flexible copper tubing and to connect it im using compression fittings, the issue is the compression fittings keep leaking ive tried a hundred times and i just cant get them not to leak propane a b
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