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  1. The reason I thought 2 rims... Let's me build a bigger fire and keep it contained!
  2. Thanks to the awesome info I've found here this tire rim is 100% what it should be! Next time I'm in my shop I'll show a pic without a fire so you can all see how I dealt with the hub hole and stud holes
  3. Actually Daswulf you are the person who made the tongs I was referring to! The pic of the granite slab with rebar tongs is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Any chance you could send that pic here so I can save and attempt to make a pair?
  4. I've just started... I made my first anvil from a piece of RxR track and my forge is nothing more than a tire rim on cinder blocks... I actually think making and using my tools IS a good experience because I am the only person who can say if THAT tool is right for my hand. Sure buying tools from a yard sale is awesome but making my own to custom fit my grip and style is 100% better to me. Sure I'll mess up and have 10 pieces of "oh my goodness!" before I'm done but once I find what I need and will use it will be PERFECT for me. Just a new guy letting his thoughts be known.
  5. No worries! I get my material from the workers when they are on the tracks. Nothing I have is picked without permission. As far as springs... I live 12 miles from town with no ride so nope. I have to work with what I can get haha. I have 4 compressors right now all working so if one goes I can pull another from the "waiting room" and fix the one that blew. The rr spikes are obviously practice and quill only be used for general yard work work around the property or a gift to somebody who needs an all purpose throw away knife/tool until I'm better and more confident in my ability with them.
  6. The wooden handle broke but I love the head! All my hammers have steel handles now and yeah until you're used to it good luck
  7. Can you recommend a book in Google play Store? Hopefully not too expensive haha

  8. I recently saw a post where somebody had done a set of Tongs from rebar. I'm looking to make my own set so if anybody has a pic or idea that would be awesome! These are my current tongs but I'm looking to make something with longer handles
  9. Now that there is a decent bed of coal...
  10. Coming right up! Sorry for pics, camera on my tablet is not that good haha
  11. Here is my quick "makeshift" forge
  12. Well... Like I said a very limited budget... I have tire rims laying in a pile but no brake drums haha. This is one where I can only use the material already on hand. I have a big pile of bricks, lava rocks, cinder blocks and tire rims. As for the air, yes I was thinking attaching a larger pipe, most likely 2' and having the regulator set around 3-5 psi with a lever valve so I can open partially and increase the amount of control I have over the air.
  13. So awesome! I've been browsing the posts and have a whole new concept thanks to all the GREAT info! I'll keep with the compressor for my air flow but will definitely be adding a lever valve to regulate air flow. As far as a brick forge... No I'll just work a couple tire rims together and weld a stand so I can attach the air to the bottom! Currently I'm working with horseshoes and welding them into decorations but I have a rail road track nearby so wanted to start making knives as well. Also where I got 12' of track! Now that stuff is hard to cut with an angle grinder
  14. Just starting out and have a tire rim with cinder blocks around to keep the fire contained... I'm using my air compressor and blowing from the top right now. Since I'm on a limited budget I'm using solid wood, combination of oak and manzanita. Anybody have any advice for how I can improve this setup? I'm thinking of making a permanent forge approx 2' x 2' but not sure if I should build it from bricks or lava rock. My anvil is a 2' stretch of old rail track!
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