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  1. These look great! Makes me want to make my own. Not the best at drawing, though. Might have to ask the wife to help me, if she can fit me into her busy schedule of costuming.
  2. That looks very nice! I really like the variable height setup.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Mike. I understand where you are coming from with safety being top priority. I plan on contacting Wayne before too long to get supplies for my other forge. The propylene being used is some leftovers from work. I have a much larger propane tank that will be connected via an adapter hose. As for the clamp rig, this is just a temporary setup until I finish my freon tank forge body. When that is complete, this little guy will be for quick little odd jobs that may come along.
  4. Put this little guy together recently, but have a nagging suspicion that it could be better. Granted, this is only to hold me over until I can complete my freon tank forge. I personally like the way it can change sizes depending on the size of stock I am working with. Was able to work some cuts off of a coil spring into some straight sections to practice bladesmithing. Any questions, ideas, and/or criticism (constructive only, please) are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  5. That looks like it might be the ticket. Thanks for the lead! Now I just need to find out more info on the company.
  6. If any one can help identify this anvil, it would be much appreciated. I was gifted this, a few days ago, by my father who picked it up at a farm sale in decades past. The heel was missing when he got it. I cleaned it up with a wire brush and gave it a quick coat of stove polish on the sides and bottom to help keep the rust at bay. At first I could only see the numbers on the front and side, but when I polished the other side, I noticed a worn out name stamped on it. Any help is appreciated. Don't really care about value as it has more sentimental and functional value for me to part with it. Thanks!
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