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  1. Small world. The president of Louisiana Metalsmiths Assoc lives on my street. I'm gonna go drive this dude crazy right now!
  2. Thanks for all the great info... it was silver when I bought it. I really think its galvanized. I stood wayyyy across the yard and drank milk after lol. I will def ask next time milk is good for you but wont help with zinc poisoning
  3. Ok so I heated this piece of whatever this metal is and started beating on it... amazingly therapeutic. Anyway, it never got cherry orange, but it did soften a lot. I don't have a "forge" so I I just hooked a pipe up to a propane bottle with a high pressure regulator and turned it wide open. Did the piece not get hot enough bec I don't have the heat OR am I using the wrong metal OR both??? The metal has D1255 on the side... don't know if that means anything? Also the metal was a strap (bought at Home Depot) to basically splice two pieces of wood together... not sure if that helps identify it. This is a kick in the pants... I like it a lot! And I know it will be way more fun when I know more about what I'm doing lol. I appreciate any help you all can offer.
  4. Bumpy


    Right... it looks way easier that it really is ... aka harder than it looks. Thanks for the advice guys
  5. Do any of you live near Lafayette, Louisiana? I have a few questions and would love to chat with someone in my area. I have 0 tools, knowledge, or experience. I do however have a weird, unexpected, yet great interest in this trade. I do not intend to make any money, but for some strange reason lol, I find myself absolutely consumed by the idea of heating iron and beating it into a shape. I can draw decently... BUT I have a fairly big concern. When I watch videos on YouTube and see someone using a belt sander to hollow grind a knife blade, I feel like I'm watching Rembrandt paint. This MUST take a huge amount of talent... am I right? Also it must be extremely difficult to beat the iron into a nice looking shape?!? I would love to try this, but i don't want to dump a ton of money on something that is equivalent to me trying to train for the NBA slam dunk contest.... just ain't gonna happen lol. Anyway, I would love to talk to someone local about this.
  6. Bumpy


    Hello all... I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a mathematician and the son of a former owner of The Knife Store. Anyway, I'm fascinated by forging, and would love to do it.... scared to death tho lol. Looks like something that looks wayyyy easier than it really is. Any ideas on where to start?