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  1. Sorry: I mean before cars replaced horses in the cities.
  2. The ring is high-pitched and sustained and the table has a nice rebound (about 90%). Definitely steel. About the patina, there seems to be paint leftovers here and there on the anvil, so it might look older than it is. I only know for sure it was used back before the internal combustion engine. So I gather the most probable origin is a cast steel copy of a Trenton?
  3. I've looked everywhere for numbers, without any luck. Here are some pictures of the underside of the heel + under the base. Thanks a lot for your help, it's much appreciated. Cheers,
  4. Thanks. One under (center), one in front and one behind. Total of 3. About cast vs forged, I could be wrong.
  5. Hi all! An anvil was donated to me and I've grown obsessed about finding out the make of it. My guess is that it is a Trenton, but it only has a square hole under it (no hourglass/oval depression). The table and the horn are not quite level, which would seem to exclude Peter Wright if my understanding is correct. It weighs about 122-124 lbs, is 24 inches long and 4 wide. Hardy hole is more 7/8th than 3/4, but it's quite old and therefore hard to measure with precision. It has a nice ring and works wonderfully so far. The markings seem to have been chiseled out (as opposed to simply worn out), so my guess is that it is a reject. The casting seems to be a bit asymmetrical, so that might be the reason. Thanks for your help!!!!
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