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    Norfolk Island - Home of the 'Bounty' Descendants
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    Family, supporting junior tennis, enjoying the lagoon and fishing, and now blacksmithing....

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About Me

My son and I discovered blacksmithing through a church youth group and it has opened a whole new world to us, enjoying time together and creating skills and projects with our hands. 

We live on Norfolk Island, home of the Descendants from the Mutiny on the Bounty, and with such a short but rich history from sailing and muting, to Pitcairn Island, whaling and the convict era, enthusiasm for blacksmithing comes easy.

We are lucky to use a forge created in the 1870's to service the island.

A large set of double action bellows made of pigskin

leather and timber are connected to a long timber

handle stroked by the blacksmith to fire the forge.

The bellows, we believe pre-date the construction

of Father Bailey’s forge possibly being brought from

England with George’s Immigration in the 1870’s as

an essential tool of the trade.

The forge is built on a hearth of convict quarried

sandstone hauled from the disused convict Gaol down

Kingston. Firebricks possibly brought to the island as ballast

weight in a ship form the chimney, drawing the smoke

with effortless efficiency from the base of the forge.

George Bailey who owned the forge died in 1936 at 87 years of age.


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