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  1. I've got a 50 lb bag of sandbox sand around somewhere, I'll rig something up with that, thanks for the tip! I install garage doors for a living and have seen a few people with old anvils, could've gotten a 200 lb brute last summer for $40 but didn't think I'd be picking up smithing. Should've jumped on that one. Maybe I'll find another one. For now I'll either try the sand thing or keep digging through junk piles and see what else I've got laying around. Crappy thing is there's fresh snow over everything outside now and I know I don't have anything better in the garage.
  2. I got most of my research from here, I know the I beam will pretty well suck but it's the best I had laying around. It'll work for now, I think. Probably not for heavy stock but I messed around with it last night and without heating up the extra piece I cut out for tge door hole banged out a piece I just couldn't resist adding. I got bored and am waiting for the rest of the stuff to finish the forge lol. I thought it was kinda funny anyways.
  3. Hey all, newer than new guy checking in. Haven't even finished my first forge yet but I'm excited to get the last bits done so I can start beating on hot steel! All I need is some kaowool and refractory to get it all set and ready. And better yet due to my several other hobbies I have a whopping $8 tied up into this thing so far. My forge is an old air tank I had in my rock crawling Jeep, door is bolted down with the u bolts from the stock rear end I swapped out from said Jeep, forge stand is all left over bits from building roll cages, and my (temporary) anvil is a big chunk of 8.5"x8.5"x3/4"
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