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  1. Or who sells that type of stuff, preferrably in round stock (about 1/2" in diameter and 9" in length) ???
  2. ...Titanium??? I would like to try to draw out a piece of CP Grade 2, 5"X5"X1" into a flat plate and using a Coal forge and an Anvil, but i have heard that Tianium has a serious problem with oxidizing??? Does anyone know how i can forge Titanium and elimate the oxidation problem??? Thanks
  3. It is possible to make a die with an external shape of the spline and make a slight larger hole in the center of the block anf then hammerthe outer block around the spline???
  4. internal spline into a square block of metal (steel) like this: image 1 image 2 I'm trying to figure out if i have a 6"X1.5"X1.5" piece of steel, in which i need to put a 5/8 OD spline centered in the middle, how would one be able to do this??? How would i be able to heat forge the spline shape into the piece??? Or is this something that blacksmithing can't do???
  5. what type of flux is need for Stainless???And can you forge weld two pieces of 416???
  6. Interesting thread. Has any tried this process with Stainless Steel 416???
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