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  1. Hey man. Thanks for the invitation.
  2. Excellent work, looks awesome in copper.
  3. Ah that's cool. Kettering is 10 minutes from my house.
  4. Thanks guys, ive added my location. Yeah i wont be doing anything apart from a light wire brushing and then either a coating of boiled linseed oil or some beeswax.
  5. Hello, Long time lurker, Finally managed to find an anvil locally for a good price in good condition to go with a gas forge i built last year. Its not seen much work and its lived outside for many years. All i know about this anvil is the guy said he got it from a blacksmith friend from the black country many years ago. So it might be from the dudley area of the west midlands making Peter Wright or Joshua Wilkinson & Sons likely makers or possibly just a copy. It looks to my untrained eye a wrought iron body with a steel face top. I only got it yesterday so i haven't given it a proper wire brushing yet or weighed it. it has a good ring all over and 60-70% rebound across the face tested with a ball bearing dropped from 10 inches. The only markings i can see are 1 2 4 across the side. I can lift it quite easily so i assume this is 124lb's or 56kg and not the hundred weight system which would make it 172lb or 78kg which means it might be an arm and hammer maybe? Any info would be greatly appreciated. size: 4 inches wide, 26 inches long and 12 inches tall cheers