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  1. Thank you for the help much appreciated, I downloaded the 1914 Hay-Budden Catalog in PDF format. I am thinking of selling it since we'll be moving to a new house and I can't carry much of my old stuff. I am from the Philippines Farmall, I dunno how much shipping would cost sending it overseas.
  2. Yes, that is the left side,apparently the a part of the serial number was scratched of. I will try to clean some of the rust off and post another image. Wow you have a keen eye! I'll try to clean off the rust today, and do the method you suggested. Thanks! BTW, any idea how heavy this anvil weighs?
  3. Hi to everyone in this forum! I have inherited an anvil from my grandfather, I tried to look for a serial number but the side where its supposed to be is pretty scratched up. I'm sure it's a Hay-Budden. regarding weight i think its around 25 to 30lbs... if anyone has any info please do tell, I wish to know what year it was made. Here are some images for reference.