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  1. Gotcha! Thanks! I'll have to experiment with it this weekend when I have some free time.
  2. Forgive my horrible drawing skills, but the figure is my current set up for forced air, with your suggestions, I could try and run it with the ash cap off to reduce the air, or switch to a 45* T instead of a 90*?
  3. I could do a write up of that I guess haha, It doesn't seem like an interesting tale to me. But if it would interest others I could. Yes! I was just cursing yesterday on how much fuel I had burnt this weekend with very little to show for it! I'll look into the Tim Lively forge. Thank you, I'm also looking for a "blower" with a variable speed, which would allow for more control.
  4. More specifically video games from the Fantasy Genre. Skyrim specifically. I'm using an old gas BBQ pit that a friend was going to toss, using lump wood charcoal for now as fuel, with a hair dryer for forced air Thank you, glad to be here. Currently looking through a few threads about them.
  5. Hello all, I've been lurking this form for a while, gathering information when needed. Now that I'm actually hammering on steel, I figured I'd join this community to try and further my horizons so to speak. little bit about me: 23 years old, Originally from Louisiana, currently residing in Sacramento CA. Video games are what peeked my interest in blacksmithing, I then furthered my interest via YouTube videos(Specifically Alec Steele). Around June this summer I gather the courage to attempt to forge, now 5 months later I'm a little wiser and looking for more knowledge. Can't wait to get to now you all. Keep calm and Hammer on.
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