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About Me

This suburban kid never grew up to be the fighter pilot/ astronaut that he wanted to be.  However I have been…..a United States Marine, a drillers assistant, a Yoga instructor, waiter, hiker, cook, beach bum, grounds keeper, kennel assistant, retail clerk, EMT, ER tech, climbing guide, kayak guide, tree slayer, deckhand, heavy equipment operator, a tall ship sailor, warehouse worker, Able Seaman, Captain, teamster, husband, and a Dad. 
     I'm a Motonaut, that is, I love to ride motobikes.  I have every intention of becoming one of those old dudes who own really expensive motorcycles and have grand EPIC adventures on them with friends known for a really long time. 
     I hardly ever shave my facial hair and usually curl my moustache.  I'm a proud member of the TBOC.
     I learned to play the trumpet and did so in the marching band.  This gave me the foundation to learn the guitar, bass fiddle, mandolin, and violin.  Though I don’t play any as well as I would like, I do have fun trying, and really, that is all that matters.
     I threw away my TV in 1998 and haven't missed it yet. Around that same time I ate my last bite of McPoision, turned my back on Walfart, and drank my last caffeinated beverage. There are no microwave ovens in my home because life doesn't need to be rushed that much.
I have come to understand a simple life is better, now I must live it.