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    I love the beauty in the art of blacksmithing, but I'm more an encourager then a craftsman at this point. ;-) Other main interests are dog breeding, singing and playing praise music, reaching out to those in need, and most of all doing my best to live a life pleasing to our God.

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  1. Next time I pressure can alligator, I'll ship you a jar, JHCC. ;-)
  2. Frosty, didn't your mom ever tell you "NOT TO MIX THE PLAYDOUGH!!!!!"
  3. Three-quarters horse, one-quarter turkey... Love you, bro.
  4. About 3-4 years ago I had my first experience with a fire accident, and it just happened to be catching myself on fire! I was home alone at the time and working on canning a large batch of... I don't even remember what. Anyway, I leaned a little too far over the turkey burner to stir the contents of the pot, and the flame caught my skirt. I was wearing a few layers because it was a chilly fall day, and it took a minute to before I realized I was on fire. I distinctly remember the smell of burning cotton. I didn't really have time to panic, thankfully I was outside on our porch and the grass was right there. I dropped down on my knees over the fire and smothered and beat the daylights out of it. I had a hole the size of a saucer in the top few layers I was wearing, but thankfully I wasn't burnt at all. Scary, though! No, I didn't use a fire extinguisher and I wasn't in the shop. I hope the story still counts.
  5. True. :-) My mamma Havanese is pretty snappy with anyone but me on the day after she has puppies, and she even pushes me away with her nose and doesn't like me to handle them. She lightens up pretty quickly, though, to the point that by weaning time she wants as little to do with her litter as possible. Pretty cool, how they're designed...
  6. Another design asset that the seam ripper brought to mind is that it is small and light, both of which are winners when it comes to a tool on a lady's desk. Of course a plastic handle on a seam ripper would be much less heavy than a forged one, but it still is a good thing to think about for your design. Just my half a cent...
  7. I can totally see where you are going with that. You don't really need two sides of a blade to open a letter anyway. The curved blade of a seam-ripper design really sounds like it might work.
  8. @Randell Warren Super duper cute. I love the picture of the one completely wrapped in its momma.
  9. No, you must be thinking about someone else. Tc2 is a very good teacher in person, but not in a high school and I don't think he has any videos. :-)
  10. TubalCain2 is one of the best guys living...
  11. Your photography is artistic, that's for sure. I'll let the experts grade your smithing, though...
  12. Just don't try to beat the size of Tc2's letter opener... it can't be done. ;-) Nice work.