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  1. I am close to the coast of North Carolina, Pinetown, which is close to Washington nc.
  2. can anyone tell me about these anvils from experience or first hand knowledge? Thank you, Mod Note: eBay link removed.
  3. I have only found one other one within 200 miles and the guy traded it while I was trying yo buy it, it was a hay budding. I am just anxious to get off my pitted railroad and find a real anvil. Thank you so much for your answer, I always listen to good information. would this be a better anvil? I just found this one on E-Bay... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-School-Blacksmith-Forged-Steel-115-Pound-Anvil-Pritchel-Hardy-Hole-Step-Horn-/222291589386?hash=item33c19c790a:g:JDMAAOSwcLxYB-7c
  4. I am very new at this and so I do need help as I know this is an important decision. I have found this anvil at 375. looks new minus a little rust. is this ok for a beginning smith or do I need to look a bit farther? I don't have much money at the moment so price is also a factor for me. I just wanna lear and have something I don't need to replace in 6 months because of what it may lack that I am yet to understand. So..... I turn to you guys in hopes someone will be kind enough to help me...Thank you for reading..
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