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  1. We installed a Tjurland draft inducer..... if memory serves me right in the stack within the second story. It runs on 110v and we use it to start the draft. Once all is hot and working you can shut the fan off and it all works quite well. The box we built to house the fan at the roof penetration area has a temperature sensor in it so we can tell how the stack and box are at the roof. The readout for the sensor, blower control and fan control are all at the forge on the first floor.
  2. A friend of mine placed two steel shipping containers parallel about 10 ft apart and used one for storage and the other for a shop. He put a tin roof over the opening and called it a carport.
  3. My first shop was in an old goose neck horse trailer that I think I paid 500 for. It was 33 ft long, steel with rear and side doors and was so heavy I had to get someone to brig it to my place. the garage was falling over sideways as it was built in 1935 so the trailer was a sweet deal and worked for several years.
  4. That is a nice build, something I'm sure will work well and for the sake of conversation it's a good show for potential clients
  5. Just a thought, is your shop closed up very tight with winter being here etc? I know if our furnace is running and I open a outside door I will get a blast of warm air as the furnace is an ols system and uses outside air source. If the forge is running in a tight room it might be possible it isn't having a free flow of air to the outside. Again just a thought.
  6. Our shop is small and because of a number of things the diameter of the pipe was limited to 10 inches.... I think. It has been a number of years so we ended up installing a draft inducer in the pipe where it went through the second floor roof and there is literally no smoke in the shop. After the fire is hot we many times turn the fan off and it will draft ok but if it's windy the fan just keeps running.
  7. Here is our forge with a side draft hood, we got the idea from a web site name beautiful iron. The thing works really well.
  8. I made a 3 layered tube as described by building codes in my area. There are stainless pass through fittings available in various sizes but all were more than I wanted to spend. I even put a temp sensor in the chimney box with a readout at my forge so I could monitor the temp in the roof penetration. The three layers in the tube are open and a draft to the outside is created from heating in the tube and thusly cools the center layer of the pass through.