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  1. Hello, I am looking to make/ buy my first anvil. I have been looking at 2 choices so far. A railroad track, or a 55lb. cast iron anvil. I was wondering what would make a better starter anvil?
  2. Hello, i was wondering if I built a forge with a forced air blower from the first link, that is 14 inches long(air tank), 2 inches of insowool, a layer of satanite, and itc-100, with the blower from the second link will I be able to reach forge welding Temperatures? Also where would I put the burner on the forge?
  3. how much is it? how much does each bag contain? also an address?
  4. I live in Ohio but I am willing to make a drive to get some good coal. Wellington ohio In lorain
  5. Does anyone know if Dennis coal is still open and what their prices are?
  6. I found a website that has 2 places in Ohio that sell coal it has some pretty cheap. Any other recommendation on where to buy some in 50 pound bags? Or if these are really good deals
  7. Should I just make a coal forge? I live in Ohio and coal is pretty cheap.
  8. I don't need a very large forge, Not that much big stuff, mostly small stuff. And i would like to be able to build it if posibly
  9. I am looking to build my first propane forge. I am pretty sure I want to build propane over coal. If anyone has a better idea please tell me. I am looking for a forge design that I would be able to do forge welding in. I am pretty sure I am going to do a forced air burner. I know I need to have 2 inches of insowool or kaowool and itc100. Any ideas on how large I should make it, what shape i should make it, and any good burner designs?