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  1. That was my mistake when typing the out. It's actually a dense ceramic floor. Sorry. The main 2 I am most intrigued by are the NC Whisper Momma with the open end ports and the Diamondback 2 burner blacksmith forge. Both are dual burners, around the same dimensions and have mostly positive reviews. Both look to be between $100 and $150 for the relining kit. Which if that is something that needs to be done regularly might impact my budget I layed out. The diamondback is the one with the dense ceramic floor. Tough decision and sometimes after researching so much I end up more confused.
  2. I am total beginner who is just starting off on my blacksmith journey and while I have decided to go with a propane gas forge, and have even narrowed it down to 3 I like best, I am a little confused when they talk about the relining kits and replacing the brick floor. Can anyone give me an idea of how often that needs to be done and how extensive of a job it is? To clarify I am talking about pre-made gas forges and not one I built myself. While I know I can build it cheaper for my first forge I would just prefer to put out the money and get one new. Thanks for your time.
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