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  1. Thanks for the help, I will try cutting out a couple slots to fit the steel in better, I see what your saying about side blast being the preferred method for charcoal...I can deepen the pot a bit to compensate, and on the next build I will try a different setup. For now though I'm just happy it works at all...lol
  2. I had originally planned on a larger more oblong shape but wanted to get a proof of concept before I sacrificed my four foot by three foot steel tub Using a hair dryer for a blower. Mostly it was about going as cheap as possible for my first try. I was also trying to not go overboard on fire size.
  3. So I saw a lot of posts where people suggested that people's fire pits were too big, so on my build I used a 20 pound propane tank cut in half, and used a clay/sand mix for the sides as insulation... I built a couple small fires to help it all dry and used a 1" pipe with a few 1/4" holes for air flow like a Lively forge...I got a file to cherry red for annealing but noticed the six inch long file touches the sidewall insulation on both sides, and caused the file to bend (not a problem I guess because I could straighten it) so I am concerned that I should have a bigger area for the fireball. To make a long story short is it possible to have a fire pit that is too small?
  4. I know its been a while but figured I'd post anyway, those look like taper gages to me...I have seen similar sets at work (I'm a machinist) so hopefully you didn't force them into any holes.
  5. I often use pine bark to start fires though never tried it in a forge...the sap is too useful for other things... I would say though the reason people don't burn pine in their fireplace in the house is that it leaves a lot of creosote in the chimney which can cause a fire...but that doesn't look like it would be a problem in your case
  6. Hello all, Just getting started here in central Maine. I have a late 1800's anvil which is a little beat and a coal forge which still needs to be put together. Looking forward to tired arms and shiney metal Fraternally yours, Eric
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