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  1. Tanks at a moving sale in palmer, 50 cents. Pm me Al
  2. Thanks for the response.Will try too be there If I can,really enjoyed the last one I went to. Al
  3. Could someone please post the information about the next meeting.I would like to attend if possible. Al
  4. I would like to do that haven't been to Mass. yet . Al
  5. Oops, sorry about that, yes I was asking about the meeting in Ak. Al
  6. I see that the meeting is on sat. the 24,But I didn't see the time.I am not a member yet so is it open to non members. It's in Palmer over by tiny's right? Hope to make it. Al
  7. ALWAK

    Gas Forge

    I am just going to build s a single burner ,I just want to get parts for 2 just encase .Lowes didn't have the Tees or flare nipples, I'll go to to furgesons today and see what they carry.Have to go to Anch Fri. so I'll stop by bartel's.I don't really don't no the amounts yet that I need but if find a shell that will help.Going with copper then hose.I have some air tanks and propane tanks,I better do some reading on sizing if I just build a box for it.Will a 3/4'' coupling work instead of a thread protector , I should think it would.No play mates I made the eye differently this time, I cut a do
  8. ALWAK

    Gas Forge

    Thank's for all the help & ideas at your shop Sat,that was a lot to take in that short of time .I should have read your'e thread on burners before I came out.I somehow passed over it. I have been shopping the parts & peices for 2 of the burners even thought I'll start out with a single,should have made a stop at gold star,some of those fitting a rare here in town.Still working on a shell for it. I got yancey in the shop this morning and another ax head popped of the work table, going to have to make another handle. Look forward to seeing you again & meeting some other smiths.Al
  9. ALWAK

    Gas Forge

    Thanks guys ,I'm doin some reading & learning. Good links that I hadn't come across yet.Going to try to get together with Fosty soon.Thank you all much .Al
  10. Hi,I'm new to forging .Would like to talk about forges,{need to get one}I'm not to far from you ,shrock rd.  376-5137 give me a call when you get a chance.Al Williams

  11. ALWAK

    Gas Forge

    Hello. my name is Al .I'm new at this& have been reading about building a small gas forge.There is a lot of designs out there to sort through.Any tips would be welcomed .I live in Ak.so supplies are hard to come by.I do have tools and a place to work,just need to be pointed in the right direction, Thanks , Al, Wasilla,Ak
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