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  1. Thank you Frosty, because this is my first forge I wanted to make it multipurpose since I would like to try a bit of everything blacksmithing wise. Once I get an idea of what i'm really doing I plan on making a smaller one. I did not think about the heat rising into the fan, it just sits in the pipe at the top so I can just pull it out when I am done forging. I still need to put some bolts into the burner holder so I can hold the burner in place. I do have some extra Ceramic Wool and Kast-O-Lite so making a flat insert sounds like a good use for it. I have not gotten it up to Yellow yet as I shut it down after that final picture, so I could let it cool off before applying the ITC-100, I will watch for Flame erosion though. I will be heating it up again next week and then I'll see how hot I can get it. I will continue to update this thread with my progress. Thank you!
  2. Hello Everyone and sorry for the long Delay, but I've finally gotten everything put together, thanks again for all your advice and help. Here is a link showing some pictures of its first run. http://imgur.com/a/Sx1K8 That is just with the Ceramic Wool and Kast-O-Lite 30, once it cooled down I then painted on the ITC-100 and will try it out next week. In the pictures you can see the pipe inside the forge, next time I plan on making it flush and or a little inside the burner connector. Let me know what you think or if you have any more advice. Thanks again!
  3. Does the imgur link not work for you? Should have 4 pics of the forge. http://imgur.com/gallery/PNX9X
  4. Hello again everyone, I've made some progress and had a few more questions come up. I now have 10sq ft of ceramic wool, a 50lb bag of Kast-O-Lite, a bunch of firebrick, and all the 1" black pipe needed to make a forced air burner. Through Craigslist someone was getting rid of their forge and so I was able to acquire a 100lb full propane tank /hookups for it, a 14"T x 12"D Pipe forge, and a 50 cfm blower. My first question is if you look at these pictures of the forge: http://imgur.com/gallery/PNX9X the forced air burner sits below the forge and shoot up, I have only seen side forced air burners, none that shoot upwards at an angle. Would this still work without issue or should I change it so it is more like a side burner? Also that pipe blowing into the forge is 2 ¼” should I make that smaller so it is 1”? Second Question: How thick should I put the Kast-o-Lite onto the ceramic wool? So far I’ve seen mention of ½” Thanks again for all your help!
  5. Thank you very much for the quick and helpful responses everyone, it is very much appreciated. ++Wayne, Thanks again for the site and all the good info. ++Buzzkill, I am going to stick with the 5 gallon build and see how it goes, I lucked out and a local pottery store in Seattle sells everything but refractory for a nice price. I am definitely going to focus on a blown burner to start and will then see about modifying it to be a venturi style to see how I like em. Good to know on the tank freezing, thank you. I plan on building a back door in the 5 gallon forge. This site, Wayne’s ,and bladesmithsforum have such a wonderful amount of info for a newbie and very nice community. It seems I will a have a 50lb bag of Kast-o-lite so I think once my first forge is done I will look into using that and firebrick to make a smaller forge for just welding. ++Oberu, I plan on sticking with the 5 gallon forge to start, and thank you very much for the Freon bottle offer especially since you had to hunt them down that long. For now though I am going to just try the 5 gallon forge. Since your close to Seattle I would recommend looking at http://www.seattlepotterysupply.com/ they carry; insulating blanket, Mizzou/Kast-O-Lite, and firebricks all for a good price, and ITC-100 which is a little pricey for me. Thank you very much everyone, the biggest thing I’ve noticed since gaining an interest in Blacksmithing is that the community is very helpful and welcoming, I look forward to becoming a part of it and hope to return the kindness once I’ve gotten some experience. I plan on getting everything for the forge bought and ordered by this weekend, and will hopefully have it built by Mid September. If I run into any snags with the burner/forge build I will update the thread otherwise I will post a pic of the completed forge in all its 5 gallon glory. Thanks Again!
  6. Hello Everyone, I recently took a blacksmithing class and decided I would like to get into it, I lucked out and managed to scrounge up an assortment of tools and a railroad track anvil to get started at a recent blacksmithing swap meet in Seattle, WA And so I am looking to build my first forge and 1-2 burners so I can really get started, I would appreciate any advice you have. I am planning to forge a bit of everything so I would like something that has some versatility size wise. So far I am looking at the 5 Gallon Bucket design located here: http://www.zoellerfo...legasforge.html With this design the interior will be around 460cc which would require 2 Venturi style burners to reach proper welding temp. I would like to make a burner similar to the one by Geoff Keyes, 6th post down: http://www.bladesmit...13368&hl=burner And Emre Kipmen https://picasaweb.go...548571629256866 So they could be swapped from forced air to venturi with interchangeable tips with relative ease. One question I haven’t found an answer to yet is could a single forced air burner reach welding temperatures in the above 460cc 5 gallon bucket build? So far digging around I have not found any rule of thumb for cc to a forced air burner. From looking around on these forums and other sites, it sounds like a rounded 2-3” Ceramic Wool and ITC-100 refractory forge is the best bet for heating, time, and gas cost, and is more important than the burner type. But burner wise it sounds like forced air is easier to manage and is less likely to freeze up a 20lb propane tank due to the lower PSI required. Also if this forge doesn’t seem like a good build for a first one could you recommend one or explain why. Should I give up on the idea of one forge for all and instead go for the 5 Gallon bucket forge build with a single burner just for forging and then make a second Brick forge build for forge welding? Thank you very much,