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  1. You may be addicted to blacksmithing if you think the top of an ironing board is kind of like an anvil...the epiphany hit me the other day
  2. Could a guy put coal in a grain tote bag (supersack)? I have some and thought that would be the best for me if it'd work, I'll store them under a shed also.
  3. Yeah, I'm sorry, I wasn't too clear about what I was trying to say. Littleblacksmith said it simpler
  4. I don't think this has been said yet but here it goes Do use the right steel for the right job. Do start with steel that is close to the same size as the finished product. Don't try to forge weld for a while until you understand and have a better knowledge of it. (From experience)
  5. Thank you very much for clearing that up! All I have to do now is go get some and start working! Thanks
  6. So this oiled coal would be alright to use with no problems? I'm planning on buying my coal by the ton and I want to make sure oiled coal will work just fine without hiccups. Thanks
  7. Where I live they sell stoker coal but they put oil on it because they say it cuts the dust and makes it burn hotter. The latter I'm guessing is false. This is bituminous coal from Wyoming but could I still use it oiled? Would it form clinkers more frequently or just make a dirty fire all together? Thank you for your replies!
  8. Hello! I'm new to the site and the trade! I was wondering if oiled coal has any disadvantages compared to non-oiled in a forge? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks