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  1. quick question, I am getting ready to build a gas forge from an old propane tank. After reading a lot of posts, my thought are to line with minimum of 1" kaowool or equivalent (outer layer) then about 1/4" ITC 100 or equivalent for the inner layer. Fire brick on the bottom for the flat surface (on top of blanket liner) and also coat with refractory. Good idea, bad idea, better ideas?
  2. Wayne. I appreciate your post. I looked at your web site and the attachment and realized I have on old 30lb not a 40lb. I am going to use it and I thought about doing a 3 burner vs a 2 burner. I havent had time to cut the tank yet but I did take the valve out about 3 months ago.
  3. Thanks to all for the comments. I dont blog much so bear with me. Trying to figure out how to respond to individual posts. I am from North Carolina. I want to get into bladesmithing. I have been using a home built coal forge for about 2 years and am relatively self taught. I am trying to figure out how to forge weld as well. Thanks you. That helped.
  4. I am planning on building a gas forge out of an old 40 lb propane tank. What is the best way to insulate it? I had thought about using Kaowool to line it and then fire brick. Thoughts, opinions and ideas?