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  1. I did read the posts but i couldnt get iron but got a good deal on the sup9 so i bought that n dont tell me what i did n didnt read infact dont reply to anything coz it seems to me your more of a troublemaker as opposed to helping you are done posting for a while, and this thread is now closed
  2. Thank you kindly im only new and no body at all does anything like this so even engineers were unsure and @Steve Sells did u know everything when started?? im only new and asking for help as im learning on my own !!! It might be a stupid question for you but the old saying goes"NOTHIN SAID NOTHIN KNOWN!!! i hope one day when u are unsure about something that someone will be kind to show you as opposed to being judgemental And as for my anvil i have an old piece of rail track converted to a anvil As i said b4 no one does anything like this in my area as living in a small rural town has its drawbacks !! If you dont care for now then why waste your time replying ????
  3. Gday was just wondering what SUP9 high chromium is like to make knives n swords with its 6mm n 70mm wide n do i have to heat treat or would this have been done when it was turned into plate ??
  4. Thanx mate for the tip n perth is a bit far its on the other side of the country ...
  5. Thanx blokes i know i got along way to go n will always learn things everyday but like my prospecting n making moonshine i like to do it like the ol timers im not trying to make $$ or start a company lol i just wanna have a great hobby to go along with mu others Oh n is a cast anvil anygood for what i wanna do or will it break as some say a farriers anvils no good n that i need a forged steel but thats 1400$ australian so is that just a waste of $$$
  6. How long does the 25kg last for mate as it a few hours drive to tamworth
  7. @Dale Russell live in northern nsw , @Glenn no i just started a profile & @ThomasPowers i want to make the real deal like back in the day legit not these fake replica things that just hang on a wall
  8. Hey im BEZERK from Australia and am new and needing help with setting up n getting going ... Mainly just want to make medieval weapons n japanese knives .. mainly weapons n tools what types are steel are best n what equip besides the obvious do i need Cheers
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