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  1. thank you I read a lot of things about them. As I learned the weapons made from maraging is generally used in international competitons. But I try to find someting about middle quality blades which made from spring steels. I wondered the shaping of blades and also some parameters of process. Unfortunately I cannot. Firstly thank you for response Yes I checked most of them. I am student of metallurgical engineering in Istanbul/ Turkey. When I reserached I noticed that there is no systematic production in our country. I sent message to producer of blades in different countries b
  2. Hi, I am a student and I have a project about fencing weapons. I need to learn the manufacturing route of process. I have to fing a detailed information of the production of the blades. In spite of all effort I cannot reach enough information such as heat treatment all forging. Are there anyone who informe me ? Please help me because it is so important
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