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  1. House stark! I havn't watched since season 3 so I am not too sure if that's good or bad at this point but...Yeah.
  2. Desiree Nunn you, will, most certainly be making something similar to this in the relatively near future.. I mean, it's a pizza pot pie, it's like totally my 3 favorite things. Pizza, Pot, and pie.

    If you have Never heard of Doug Benson or the movie super high me, this probably won't make much sense to you ;) lol
  3. shut up and take my money!
  4. Hahaha I could just imagine hurting that out of nowhere
  5. Retweeted Ron Foster (@SolarPrepper):

    Highest performance urban gardening system ever! #PrepperProducts #solar #prepper #preparedness
  6. @Frosty thsnk you I will definitely look into those! I have seen some of the insane colors that titanium can produce, I have just always though it weas waaaay out of my skill level to even attempt at this point, since then at that point I would essentially be making Timascus. would I be able to put a couple Billets of Titanium into some copper nickel Mokume and be ok ?
  7. I do infact plan to get a little practice before I make a video,and I think it is worth it to say that I have been reading documentation and doing research and such for about a year now, before I have even attempted to make anything. but, the real reason is just to document me learning, and share it here, so that I can be told where I may be doing anything wrong, or what I may be doing right. I dont intent to tell anyone that this is how its done, but rather be quite transparent on the fact that I am learning and this is my journey. the reason for wanting to share my videos here isnt for publicity or advertising my business, yes the videos will be on my youtube channel, and yes they will be monetized there but, I think I have 7 subscribers and and only a couple of videos uploaded at this point, and I figured that since for some of my videos, I will be doing things applicable to this forum, and will most likely be doing most of my learning for it from here it would make the process a bit more streamlined for everyone if I were to share videos, that way people can see exactly what I am doing and what I may or may not be doing wrong. which I feel could be a valuable resource to anyone else who may be interested in learning, to actually see someone start from day one and see how they learned and possible hurdles they may stumble upon. I also just figured I would add that, I do not have a business, and I am not learning to smith because I make videos, I decided I wanted to make videos of it because I want to learn to smith. as mentioned a moment ago, I have been studying and researching for about a year now, my videos are based on survival and DIY content, and learning to make stuff out of metal is a very valuable skill. I also feel it is important to mention that I work with steel all day in my normal work, mostly stock removal and deburring, but on occasions I also do some cold forming. i have a very basic level of knowledge at this point, but feel as though I am interested enough and know enough that I will be successful in learning how to make stuff @Alan Evans I get what you are saying, and I know I will make a video of it regardless of whether or not I can share it here, I had planned to start my hands on with Mokume this weekend, but the weather is supposed to be really bad, and my workshop is outside. but I like to plan ahead get any permissions I may or may not need early on, and start gathering stuff early on, that way everything doesnt end up bein last minute thrown together type of things.
  8. @Glenn I understand, I have a post on that asking some questions, but, what I was actually wondering about is if it would be OK for me to embed a youtube video into a thread, in whichever applicable topic it may be in, for instance, I plan on making a video on me making a decorative Damascus style Laminate wood knife with Mokume scale plates, given that I accomplish Mokume first, of course. I also plan on making some videos of me just learning to smith in general. would it be ok to embed them into threads?
  9. so, I was looking, but I couldnt find a thread on the rules of the Forum, but I wanted to ask, if I were to make a video of me making a project for youtube, such as my experience of learning to make Mokume Gane, and stuff like that would it be allowed for me to embed it into an applicable thread on this website, most specifically a thread I started for that purpose?
  10. @teenylittlemetalguy while I have your attention, do you know much about Shibuich? I hae seen some sources say it turns green or blue, while another that is actually a guide on Mokume says it will be Grey.
  11. @teenylittlemetalguy I'm really not so worried about getting alot of specific color combinations and all that, I mostly want to use something that will contrast black in the mokume, as the primary color against what will likely be just Quarter Mokume. The Knife I will be making will be made out of laminatedPurple Heart wood Bloodwood and African Blackwood I am thinking about using a nice lighter colored Hard wood to use to throw in there for a bit of breakup, but I am not really sure yet cause I kinda think the really dark coloring of it will look awesome. but either way I think a black based mokume with copper and silver in it would look amazing.
  12. I am not really looking for a patina formula per-say, but just some general information on what metals would typically patina to what colors, if that makes sense, but it seems that Google doesnt really even know too much on this topic, I did find a list of how to achieve many different colors of patinas from brass, copper, and bronze, but how will they react with the other metals in my work. I notice alot of Makune pieces out there that have a base color of black, so it seems as though it should be fairly simple and Commonplace. I was definitely planning on doing that, my plan is for this weekend I will start my first try with quarters, I am just trying to get some of my extended research done, so I can first off make a plan to acquire the materials, and see if there any other things I would need to practice with. what are the implications of using Iron in Mokume? I would figure the difficulty level of putting Iron in the piece would be fairly high
  13. hello everyone, I was interested in attempting to make some mokume gane for some handle scales on a decorative damascus style wooden knife I want to make, my issue is, how do I achieve specific colors? mainly black, I know I can get it from a copper/gold alloy as well as purple, but I am certain there must be a lower priced alternative. I would also be interested in green, or blue, as well as any possible alternatives for purple. any advice will be greatly appreciated! thank you very much!