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  1. Ya I like it around here. I live north of waterloo and love the small towns. What did you do at the U of W?
  2. Maybe but for now they can go in the shop. I know a guy who may be interested.
  3. Not sure. For $2 I couldn't leave them. Any ideas what I could use them for? Well besides making shoes. ( I don't wanna do that)
  4. Just tried out my new diy anvil. I like it. Lots of rebound and nice big "table top". The sweet spot is in the middle about 2" wide and runs along the length of it. No wobbles and sits very steady. It is not perfect but it will do me for a while.
  5. That is fantastic. Good job. I think I will be collecting materials for one like this.
  6. Thank you. I would love to see what it looks like I will let you know. The jack stands under the one end are solid and are about 110lb by them selves. I hope they have enough mass.
  7. True, but this way there is a sweet spot in the middle about 2" wide running the whole length of the rail. It has good rebound. I had the rail on its end but I was wanting something bigger that was more stable. We will see how it works soon enough. Haven't had time to try it out yet.
  8. I made a new anvil today. Used the jack stands, some RR track and some scrap I had in the shop. Took it all to work so I could use the welder there and a few hours later came home with this. Should do for a poor man's anvil. Just about killed me getting it out of the truck at home. 256lb. What do you think? BTW - the chain across the top is for use as a hold down. JME
  9. JME

    so proud of me

    Thanks. I try Thanks. I am thinking about a bottom fuller for the other side. Haven't decided yet.
  10. JME

    so proud of me

    I am practicing my sanding. It is difficult to keep everything even and smooth but I am getting better. I had a productive afternoon. Made a tomahawk and a straight razor. Tomahawk turned out ok. Good for a first try anyway. It was made for a friend. He wanted something to make kindling. It should do fine and I learned lots. I need the practice. Next tomahawk is for my stepson. The razor was a lot of fun to make. I will be doing some more of these. I also earned that I should not rush things. I broke it marking with the punch for the pivot hole. Now it is in 2 pieces. Oh well, live and learn. Forge on and have fun. Happy New Year JME
  11. JME

    so proud of me

    I like the comments. I have never been afraid of jumping in and trying something new. Learning the process has been great so far. I dont know about anyone else but I need to have hands on and make some mistakes so I can get better. I am trying to make some knifes. (eventually want to make some kitchen knives) this is my latest endeavor. This is a practice blade. Deer antler handle and lawnmower blade. I will eventually be making the blades with stainless but this is good practice for now. Once I make a few dozen knives with different handles I can attempt the kitchen set. JME
  12. JME

    so proud of me

    Metal mangler Time is very valuable, right now my time in the forge is mostly spent learning. I love the idea of making something out of scrap but I dont think I will use it for tools unless I know what it is. The rebar was a good experiment, it was hard to move the metal and the tongs work but not sure I trust them all that much. Live and learn, that is what it is all about. Jme