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  1. I suspect, based on the information provided by IanOhio, that railroad use would be secondary. Can't see it being used on track work, myself, but who knows?
  2. Legs? That explains SO much! My shop is laid out in the "a place for everything and nothing in its place" design, making it hard to impossible to find anything, including tools that I just put down a minute ago. Now I need an explanation as to how some of my tools seem to be multiplying when there is no one around..... I am in a shop organizing mode and I was certain I did not own that may punches........
  3. Thanks for the information. When I tried to find a top maul on google I kept coming up with Star Wars references! That leaves me with two questions: Why do I find sailing tools at auctions 40 miles from the great lakes, and is the picture you provided af a model ship you are building?
  4. a REALLY, REALLY big hammer. I wish I were robust to swing it for an hour or two without collapsing. Using it would require steel toe boots. And a large dose of caution. I'd hate to miss what I was aiming at! And thanks for the RR tip.
  5. the beak is not much of a mystery, but what are the other things for? I don't even know how to describe them....
  6. I have these large slege/blacksmithing/hammer heads. The top one could be used one-handed (about 5 pounds) I cannot figure a use for the pointy end..... The bottom one is probably a sledge, but what would be the purpose of the rounded head? (this one is, at a guess, about 25 pounds)
  7. I saw a reference to a post you made for using a blower on your exhaust for your forge.  My initial attempts were not successful.  I had to add a reduction nozzle to my fan in order to get a venturi effect - otherwise as much air came down as went out.  I was just wondering what you had on the end of your feed hose, and how far into the pipe it went....

  8. OK, fine. Although the post above was most helpful, in suggesting $2 to $4 per pound, here is a pic for you anvil porn lovers: Made by Brooks, England, 51 kilos in weight. One horn, one square hole, one round hole. I recon $350 CDN. Not much demand in these parts (near Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
  9. Can anyone give me an idea of what a 100 pound british anvil is worth, if it is in decent (not perfect, but decent shape, used?
  10. I LIKE it! Thanks! I even happen to have a blower handy......
  11. You folks have been MOST helpful, and I really appreciate the input!
  12. I have never seen, nor have any idea where to get, an in-line fan with an external motor. I am familiar with a furnace blower, but the air intake is on the side, not in line. I probably could make one, but I would rather buy if possible. Any clues where one might look for such an animal?
  13. I want to use a fan to power exhaust the air under my forge hood. While my experiments to date have been somewhat successful, I am looking for improvements. Has anyone done this successfully? I would very much like too hear how you did it.
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