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  1. I'm moving to Powell, WY and i was interested in learning from a smith over the summer while i attend college in Powell.
  2. Just wanted to thank you all again for the guiding words. Frosty especially has been enlightneing me on the process and I'm considering the freon tank design with Frosty burners. If anyone knows any smiths near Cody Wyoming who wouldn't mind a college kid dropping in over the summer to learn the trade I'd much appreciate the chance, I don't have anyone local to teach me correct techniques and one can only learn so much from YouTube and DIY shows. once again, thank you all
  3. Thanks for all the advice and I have Frosty!s burner on my screen and I'm taking notes. Thanks for you time guys
  4. Alright I'll look into that and do some research thanks for your time
  5. Im building a gas fuel/refractory forge in class and i wanted some advice on how much gas/in^3 i need... specifics: 15"x27" 30 gallon drum, insulated 3.5" to form an 8" chamber volumes: drum--4771.17 cu.in. chamber--1181.35 cu.in. the refractory takes up 3590.05 cu.in. and i plan to have an insulated half-lid... how much gas/air do i need in the chamber?
  6. Thanks for the feedback, i was only removing light, loose rust and i protected it with oil... ill post pictures of it tomorrow hopefully and see what you guys think its worth...
  7. Am I wrong to take emery cloth at 100/180 grit and a file and sand the top level, it has some normal dents and chipping
  8. Through my digging and research i believe the if an anvil is of Columbian Vice origin, it with have an indented triangle with a C inside it. hope this helps
  9. My highschool shop has an older anvil outside that's been untouched for at least 4 years now and I need help identifying it. It has the Indented Triangle with a C in its Face, and a raised Y on the backside Face, any ideas? I believe it to be approx. 120 lb. (55 kg.)