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  1. Chinese Hammers

    When I get it set up your more than welcome to come over and give a go. I see you live in West Plains thats awesome. I go get some steel from that Pipe Plus. I think thats the name.
  2. Chinese Hammers

    It's on the way.
  3. Anyang 120

    Very nice How much sand did you put in the base
  4. He will email them to you. And he takes paypal.
  5. Chinese Hammers

    Here is another pic
  6. Chinese Hammers

    30-45 days. I'm about 30 days in so far. Then another 30-40 for shipping. I'm getting it shipped to Houston Tx. I don't know if there will be a delay or not because of the flooding.
  7. Chinese Hammers

    It's getting there
  8. Chinese Hammers

    Im going to pick mine up. The I have a skidsteer to move mine in the shop. It only weighs around 3000lbs. It should'nt be too bad.
  9. Chinese Hammers

    Exactly. I would love to find one of those LG for a project. And thats also part of my plan. But I havent found one yet. So for now I went the imported route.
  10. Chinese Hammers

    What's the difference in paying 4-5k for an imported machine. Or paying 4-10k for a rusted heap of junk here. I dont get it. I saw on FB a guy trying to sell a 250lb LG for 10k that looked like it was one step away from a trip to the scrap yard. Then there are tons of 50lb machines in the 3-6k range. That are in the same condition.
  11. Looking forward to see this beast up and running.
  12. Chinese Hammers

    Here is the finished product. Not mine but the same company.
  13. Chinese Hammers

    Anyang ST Machinery.
  14. Chinese Hammers

    Here it is being built. Here it is running.