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  1. Thats very nice.
  2. I was asking about "if anybody has or knows where" a specific type of motor blower. Not the actual dust system. Thanks for your Advice.
  3. Is anybody here bidding on this anvil on EBay? It only weighs 10lbs. What's the obsession with these anvil collectors? Why is this one worth so much? Thanks.
  4. How many CFM's does I take to run that beast.
  5. Sounds good.
  6. I am gonna set up a dust extraction set up. My plan is to run everything to a spark arrester. Then directly out of the shop. What size motor and blower am I gonna need to set this up? And does anybody have any recomendations for a specfic motor/blower source. I am looking for a quiet one.
  7. Im gonna start keeping my eye out for them. They got a bunch of different attachments for them. I think they are a better value than the 2x72".
  8. It was an AR-15 300 black out I built. Pretty sweet gun. But I have 2 more of them. And about 6 unfinished recievers. I had around 600$ in it.
  9. Lol No. I got a 2x72" with a 2hp motor. And I still dont think its enough grinder.
  10. Check out this 3x132" beast i got with 10 belts. Its got a 5 hp single phase baldor motor. Wired with a welder plug on it. Its mounted on a 1" plate steel with heavy duty casters. Traded a gun for it.
  11. Are you using 4" or 5" cylinders? And what thickness of angle are you using? I have been thinking of building one like the one pictured above. Except Batson's plans call for 1/4" angle but I was thinking about going 1/2 " angle .With 2 5" cylinders. That will get you in the 50 Ton range. 10hp motor 28 gym 2 stage pump. I am in the process of getting a rotary phase converter set up in my shop so I can use a 3 phase motor. And I am also getting some more 3 phase equipment.
  12. I have been thinking of putting one together. What tonnage are you shooting for? And what frame design? There are many ways to build one of these. Jackson MS is not too far from SE Missouri.
  13. Yes. I do. But I found a better hammer. Going a different route. Same destination but different route.
  14. Oh yeah. Ive been looking at those for a while.
  15. I would love to have that 450lb Gladiator. I have dreams about that one.