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  1. I used 1 1" layer of Kawool and a 2" hard ceramic fiber board. 3" of insulation on the walls.
  2. I still need to do some more work on it. Im gonna line the floor with some refractory and coat the inside with some Metrikote. I also got to re do the idle circut. I just wanted to test fire it.
  3. Ok. Thanks.
  4. Do you think a 22hp gas engine will run 2 5" cylinders at that same speed? I like that gas engine set up. Very nice.
  5. Thanks Buddy. I appreciate it.
  6. Frosty. Do you think the Metrikote works as good as ITC-100?
  7. That's what I do. I like having enough material on hand for experimentation purposes. I have already built a couple nice forges and give some too a buddy. And still I have enough to do a couple more. I'm in the process of building a nice little 2 burner forge.
  8. I get it for 75$ a box from this place. They are in St. Louis Mo. I dont know what shipping would be.
  9. I use a clear plastic that is sticky on one side to coat my wood forms. It makes them water tight. I have been a little cautious about spraying chemicals for a releasing agent.
  10. My large ribbon burner will flat out eat through some propane. The smaller ribbon burner does pretty good. The larger on is a 33 hole and the smaller burner has 11 holes. I'm building some Venturi burners to try out. A lot simpler and cheaper.
  11. Sorry for the late response. I dont check ifi everyday. My mini burner is 7.5" × 2.5". I just used a cheap dayton 135 cfm blower fan. Honestly Idk why the larger burner developed the cracks twice. I cured out the Mizzou per instructions. The only think I can think of is I built a thicker burner body. Maybe the steel got too hot and expanded causing the cracking. They actually cracked in the same spot. On the mini burner I built. I used 2.5" 14 gauge square tubing. The larger burner body is 3/16" material.
  12. Ive been building forges. But if I was going to buy one. I think I would go with the Chili Forges. They look simple.
  13. Update the mini burner will reach forge welding temp.
  14. I built a couple of ribbon burner forges. They work great. But I have already had to rebuild the burner in my larger forge twice. The smaller one works great. I ended up converting my large forge to just forced air out of a 2" pipe. And let me tell you what that dude flat out rocks now. I could probably get that dude to 2700 degrees but I shut it down at 2400 degrees. I have 1 1" layer of Kawool and the I cast the interior with 99% alumina refractory. Which is a 3400 degree refractory. And the floor is silicon carbide. I think all of this is straight overkill but that's how my my mind works. I have built a couple of very simple Venturi style burners. They work great. I am going to build the forge bodies this week for the Venturi style burners. Here is a thread with my ribbon burner. I also built the mini ribbon burner. I use a 1/16" orfiace on the mini. 1/8" was just too much of a fuel dump. And I also used a lot smaller blower. I hooked up my 164cfm to the mini and had way too much air. If you have any questions just ask. I am no expert but have spent many hours playing with fuel to air mix for these burners.