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  1. Every comment and post helps to reinforce my thoughts and I have decided to be more like Frosty where I can store all the evil implements of the trade on the east coast. Thanks to all with the answers needed. It is good to hear them from others.
  2. The question is Why is blacksmithing so addictive? I've been working at learning the art for 2 years and when I miss a day I feel like I haven't done a thing. Is there any cure?
  3. Sorry bout the question I ment comments and maybe I can get more than 1 pic this time.
  4. I was lucky to find an old fisher anvil, havent checked the weight yet but found what looks to be a date on the base. Any answers would be greatly helpful. Thanks.
  5. I hope to get more pics that are a little more clear. I have some great friends. I just bought a atlas 6" lathe with all the tool for my brother 2 day and got a copy of Audels Machinists and Tool Makers Handbook for free.
  6. Thanks, as soon as I get some pics of it I will post them. got lots to clean up but thats part of the fun.
  7. Thank you. Don't know what I'm going to do with it but I'll do something. Thanks again.
  8. Just found a lathe in an old barn and the lady wanted $200 for it so I jumped at the chance to learn a new tool. The lathe is a Star and the other info I can find is paten dates last of which is Apr.14, 1896 any ideas on where to find a manuel on said machine? thankes all.:D
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