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  1. Yea it said zircon The local refractory place is definitely a no go. Prices a crazy expensive. They quoted me a 55# bag of Kast o lite for $45. Which is awesome. But I have to pay "freight charges", whatever that is, and that is $98 hahaha. I'm even picking up at the facility. I can order online with shipping for $103. So guess that answers that.
  2. Found refractory distributor closeby. Has anyone heard of minro-z wash m77 by allied minerals? Allied is based of of Columbus actually. They sent me the tech specs and looks like a zircon based wash, whatever that means lol
  3. Do you just mix water with the powdered colloidal silica or how does that work? I thought fumed silica and colloidal silica were the same, and I thought colloidal silica was a liquid..? John-- I'm checking out keener sand and clay. I've already checked Columbus lime and clay and there refractory cement doesn't sound like it's what I need. Sounds like it's just the stuff you can buy at a hardware store for fireplaces. Thanks!
  4. Thanks that helps a lot. Believe me the tried and true commercial products are gonna be the best I'm sure. Just drives me crazy thinking there's a place closeby that I can buy a lot of the raw materials and make my own brew haha. Especially when it's dirt cheap. This will be a forge mainly designed for forging knives so I'd even considered going back to the soft firebricks rated to 3000F. They stock those for a good price too. Figured I could paint the inside of the forge with some sort of IR reflector to help with fuel usage. Also have some 8# kaowool leftover I'll wrap around the outsi
  5. Sorry Frosty just updated. I'm in central Ohio area. Found a place in Columbus called Columbus Clay. You can check there site out online and they have a whole list of raw materials. There's gotta be something there I can use lol. Thanks!
  6. Yea it's actually pretty nice shop but didn't carry any kind of refractory. Frustrating bc for what I pay online to have it shipped I could get insane amount more if I could just pick it up. Even refractory places nearby don't carry anything I need. They said I'd have to buy 55# bag minimum and also pay for freight which was gonna be more than the refractory lol. O well I guess
  7. Sorry if this is already posted somewhere. I've searched and can't seem to find what I'm lookin for... Question/situation is that I live close to a ceramics/pottery supply place which carries all different raw materials i.e. Alumina Hydrate, Kaolin, kiln wash, zircopax, sodium silicate, fire clay etc. literally 75-100 different raw materials. Building another forge and instead of paying small fortune shipping a bag of refractory (ideally castable) or buying ITC 100, is there a way to make a homemade batch of this stuff? I understand ITC 100 is gonna be tough to beat but even if I could
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll stick to forging steel instead melting it ha. Frosty- yea did a lot of searches, just didn't find what i was looking for but I'll keep searching. I'm getting some advice on my bladesmith forum account as they seem to be more experienced regarding my work. Thanks again!
  9. Hey Frosty is there still a link for Dan Foggs site ? I wanted to check some stuff out but doesn't appear to be a site anymore..?? I'm attempting to get a better way to plug the top of the forge chamber. Not the metal lid, the wool plug. I'd like to coat few times with satanite but I can't coat then plug bc then it just sticks so I can't coat it again. Or if I coat first, allow it to cure then plug, the satanite just cracks exposing wool. Lol sorry seems simple but just wanna do it right
  10. Haha will do! swirl isn't too bad could be better tho. But will def do the job,. Guess that's how you learn
  11. Wow that's pretty sweet. Won't be melting any cast iron but will be forging some knives haha. Hope they don't melt lol!
  12. Hi everyone just wanted to get some feedback and advice on my vertical forge build. Also I'm worried I may have screwed up the angle of my burner tube , concerned I might not have proper angle for a nice "swirl" in the chamber. I'll post some pics of that later, but not sure how much effect that will have on the performance as aside from the hot spot.
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