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  1. Colours on steel, thought this might be interesting to someone. Cheers Iain B
  2. Electric fan and diverter box to replace the knackered hand cranker. It needs a stronger fan unit but it'll be easy to swap out. Im looking at a 3 speed fan for future use.
  3. Yep, just cheaply made rubbish. Was in the shed tonight, got started on a box with a flap inside. Will have it finished tomorrow and post some pics.
  4. For sure, PPE is part of my daily life at work and in the shed, not worth risking life, sight or limb for anything. I've seen some horrendous injury's on building sites due to lack of PPE, there is no excuse for not being protected.
  5. Hello Big gun and Theo, I have hacked nearly 5 logs the size of the one in the picture, no problems yet. I will let you know how it goes though. I heated it till it was non magnetic then quenched in water, would it be better to do this but in oil instead? I have still to read a lot of info on this site but i'll get there yet. Learning by mistakes is my method..... Cheers Iain B
  6. i have a 4" in-line electric fan unit that ill try. because of the smoke that comes back thru the pipe when i light the forge im going to have to make some sort of on/off flap which will also be a reducer from the 4" fan to the 2" pipe on the forge. ill work something out! The postage to Scotland was the same as the cost of that hand crank blower, its disappointing to say the least. I have contacted the seller to see what he has to say but i'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a resolution. Everyday is a learning day.....
  7. Made in Bangalore, Bought from Canada, Destroyed in Scotland Third use in my forge and its goosed! Half of the main drive cog has vanished. Beware of buying this rubbish. Am going electric now.
  8. .....he quenched it in water. Cheers Iain B Frosty, Is the inside of your flue pipe burnt out or does it just need swept? If you had to replace it, could you run twin walled flue up the outside of your house instead of removing the existing flue? Would be less damage on the wallet that way. Cheers Iain B
  9. Hello Frosty, I heated above the ground edge on the file teeth and let the heat run down to the blade. It doesn't drag to much, as you said I hack it into the log and give it a twist to pop off the kindler. Cheers Iain B
  10. Hello All, kindling chopper made from an old 12" file, shaped the blade and bevels in the forge then went over it with the flap disc. i used the propane torch to temper it to a straw/gold colour. Handle is made from an old hickory hammer shaft shaped with the flap disc. Good heavy chopper that does the job. Cheers Iain B
  11. Hello all, Had the first burn of my brake drum forge today, used lumpwood charcoal to get a good base going then added 50/50 mix of house coal and coke. The hand crank blower worked well and I got a good heat going. The thickest material was a 9/16th Allen key which I shaped into a punch, also made a hook to open the ash dump and a spoon for flux from old round stock that was lying aboot. Great couple of hours messing about! Is the left over coke re-useable or for the bin? Cheers Iain B
  12. Frosty, I owe you a beer! This stuff is a bi**h to get going! I'll buy some housecoal an a bag of lumpwood charcoal to get a base going before adding the breeze. Sharp learning curve....... Cheers Iain B
  13. Hi tzonoqua, thanks for the advice, i'm going to fire up the forge tomorrow. the local garage sells housecoal doubles which is small coal. I use it in the woodburner to make a good base for burning logs. I will mix some 50/50 with the smithy breeze for the first burn and let you know how it goes, i can always change the mix either way from there. Cheers Iain B
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