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  1. I thought something was slightly off but couldn't for the life of me put my finger on it. I have since bolted down the chain. it helped with the ring a bit
  2. That's a really good idea and I will work it into my plans. Thanks
  3. Some day I would like to build a plywood shelf and install a electric blower. For now it's a run what you brung kinda forge. All in all its a big step up from my trashcan forge. I built it up from a ladder a railing and a oil tank. Thoughts and criticism are welcome.
  4. Not quite done, I would like to wrap flat stick around the top and add some flare. I'm getting married in a week tho so that's bin taking up my time lately. Anyways just wanted to show my progress . after cutting up the railroad tie I used boiled linseed oil to seal the ends. Screwed the upright ties to the bace and ran threaded rid through it. I haven't sucred it to the ties yet either I was thinking flat stock heated up and pounded fold over the anvils feet. Any thoughts or criticism is welcome. Thanks guys!
  5. The rebound is awesome and it's heavier than the Vulcan with the arm and hammer.
  6. Now it light outside I got a few pictures of the sides and bottom.
  7. Is this anvil cast with a forged face? Like the Vulcan with the logo.
  8. The edges are a little worked but the top is in good shape.
  9. Hey guys I just kinda stumbled across this anvil and have no clue what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. You guys are a bunch of mooches. I'm thinking of building a bench and tarping it up when not in use. That way I can use some of it. As far as hammer ins/ get together how do I go about finding one?
  11. I had a uncle die he was a old tool horder this is only the little metal working tools he had. His real passion was old ice tools and wood working.
  12. Ok guys I'm in over my head. I started dabbling with blacksmithing built a trash can break rotor forge. I like to hammer when the honeydo's are done. Being a trucker I only hammer on the weekend. Now my set up is outdoors in my back yard. (my neighbors have horses they constantly ask me if I'm ready to make horse shoes and think it's hilarious) in my travels I recently acquired for free all these tools for ironworking. My question is how can i put this stuff to use. I don't plan on living in this house in a few years. So I don't want to build a shop but I really want to.
  13. Thanks for the info Gazz. I had no clue what that was.
  14. There are a few cobblers hammers they just look cool. The square with round ends could be no idea. My Wilton vice has bin welded but it still works and the price was right! Thank you for the heads up
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