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  1. Still seems strange to see walmarts name attached to certain items.  If only it was available down at the corner.  lol 

    I'm not seeing half the cost here.  And it's rated to 2300 degrees.  Looks fine to me.  I got a roll of kaowool from these guys. http://www.armadilloclay.com/j-k.html

    Sign up at Zoro and they send out 20% coupons all the time.  Sometimes they even email a 25% off!

  2. Qualified?  Is anyone really qualified for any of the stuff we do?  There is an inherent danger with just leaving the bed in the morning.  I've only been pouring metal for 2 years, but I'm self taught.  Anyone can do it with the right research, learning and education.  If ya work metal and not tried pouring it, I think your missing out.  Starting with aluminum is a no brainer, then it's on to bronze and brass with cast iron being sort of the holy grail for those of us casters.  Screwing with molten steel while possible is something even we don't suggest for conducting at the home/garage level. 


  3. You bring up lots of good points.  One of the things I read about is the need to introduce the NG 9times the diameter of the pipe in inches from the burner due to NG not mixing as well as propane.  (9x2"pipe= minimum 18" from the burner)  ((the article mentions a longer introduction is even better))  What is your setup along these lines?  Pictures would be great!

    The cut and welded corners can be easily changed if this causes problems and I can see some turbulence being created naturally because of the sharp bends, but I'm hoping I'm adding to point one here. 

    My oil burner furnace for melting metal is also made from mizzou and gets wayyy hotter than natural gas burns at.  So far I've suffered zero cracks in the material.  It's still not too late at this point to relocate the burner to the side of the air tank.  Here is a link to a guy on youtube with a ribbon burner mounted on the side.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK5z6malbQ0

    I'm really hoping on the design of the ribbon burner to prevent overheating of the metal body of the burner.  With my oil burner, the tuyere is on the side and the oil nozzle is only a short 4inches up the pipe from the intense heat of the furnace.  The side entry might be better.........  Anyone else running a top entry?  I find it hard to believe I'm the only one with a setup like this that hasn't run a build thread here.  Hopefully more will chime in.

    Thanks gang for the help so far and safety suggestions are appreciated, I don't need to end up in the newspaper.  lmao



  4. Vertical?  What you are building is a furnace.  Visit www.alloyavenue.com  Tons of "vertical" furnaces over there.  Here's a few shots of mine.  I start on diesel and after a few minutes, switch it over to 100% used MOTOR OIL.  Forced air and a 25psi compressed air venturi hookup.  Works like a champ and costs literally pennies per hour to run.  Will easily melt cast iron.  You can see from one of my photos the angle of the tuyere.  Creates a nice swirl.  If you are going to use a crucible for melting metals, You'll need a top and an exhaust hole.  That's the only way to really crank up the heat.  (yes that is a drain hole on the bottom after the PVC was melted out) 






  5. I've noticed Frosty that the squirrel cage fans lose the force when ya start restricting them.  (easily seen with an amp clamp on the wire) 

    What are you seeing frosty for gas line sizes?  1/4" be enough for starters are would you go straight to 1/2"??

    Thanks, Jason

  6. 20160323_180723.thumb.jpg.1eadb9184448a4Greetings Folks!  I'm still a little new around here, but after tons of reading, this seems like the place to be!  And for that I say thank you!  I've been doing a little casting work with a waste oil burner furnace I built a couple of years ago.  However, I've grown tired of sticking long rods down into the furnace and getting burnt in the process when I need to bend metal....  So it's time to build a forge.  I'm using a shortened portable air tank lined with Kaowool and coated with Mizzou and it MUST be fueled by natural gas.  I'm in a residential area so of course the NG pressure will be low.  I've got the ribbon burner built from Mizzou and have been working on a 2inch mixing pipe for the forced air and gas feed.  At the moment, I'm introducing the natural gas about 20 inches from the burner to allow for a good mix.  (I think)  I already have the John Emmerling pdf and the Wayne Cohen pdf as well.  (big help)  I'm surprised I haven't found much here on what I'm doing.  I've searched and searched but all I find are threads without endings and threads with missing photos.  :-(

    I'm kinda looking for some ideas on the fuel nozzle.  Is one even necessary?  My main gas supply is 1/2" black pipe, but I was going to try just 1/4" for starters and see if that's enough when I force air at it.  I haven't nailed down a blower yet as I have several laying around to choose from.  Some are squirrel cage fan designs and others are fan blade based.  SO I guess I've got some experimenting to do on that one.  WC suggestions would be helpful here.  Anyhow, here's where I'm at for now, been busy with other things, so I'm just plugging away on this thing.


    This is not how to bend metal.




    Ribbon burner setup








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