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  1. Prague is definitely a good bet, the architecture there in general is pretty stunning!
  2. I appreciate this thread is a few months old but just wanted to point out that gas sealing tape is white in the UK, however the packaging is yellow. The tape itself is thicker than standard water sealing tape and is produced differently but that would not be easy to identify once is has been applied to a gas or water pipe!
  3. Cheers guys some good options there, I'm reluctant to use paint stripper due to disposal issues of the used chemicals but will see if some heat will help remove it, the plates are 20mm (3/4 inch) thick and don't appear to have any zinc coating under the paint so may resort to just giving them a little longer in the fire!
  4. Hello all, I've been lurking for a while now but can't find the answer to one query I have! I have some scrap steel plates that are painted and was wondering how you guys go about removing paint before forging? I'm pretty sure they aren't lead based paints ( most likely epoxy based) so not too worried about heavy metals, although I have a respirator if you recommend flap disk for removal, thanks Robbie
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