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  1. I have been working on a few lately, the slit and drift one is my first attempt of this type so is a little rough, but overall happy enough - it actually opens a bottle so meets the most stringent part of the brief!
  2. The pendant especially looks good, the first photos of the earrings they don't look great but the one of all together they work really well. This is relevant to me as I made a treble clef coat hook as a housewarming gift for my brother last night - one thing I would say is your central scroll could be a half turn less and still look good - less work for you:
  3. I actually found sourcing the parts for a burner (Frosty T) easier than sourcing the forge linings, but that could just be my location. It's nice to make your own things, especially when its a proven and simple design.
  4. You could have a look at a Devil forge - they are not the best out there but are fine to get started with. They are based in Lithuania but ship worldwide. (I am not associated with them I just bought one of their forges!)
  5. Not sure but my anvil (suspected Brooks but no markings to confirm) is definitely cast and also has a handling hole. I'm also interested if anyone knows why that would be.
  6. Do you have the means to harden and temper a piece of steel that weighs 40lbs? You could use one face for a while to see if it marks up badly and then decide if you want to harden it, by then you may come across something else or if not, flip it over and harden the other side. I had something similar (5" diameter by 6" tall mild steel) for a good few months and just redressed the face if required - I now have a London pattern but the little post still gets some use. I had mine on a 6x6 piece of wood with another taller piece behind that the anvil was strapped back to - the concrete option you are suggesting will likely move less but be a lot less mobile too.
  7. Have a look online to see if there are any metal fabrication companies nearby who may have heavy stock left over from jobs. The smaller shop the better as you are more likely to be talking to the guy who can say OK to what you want. That's how I got the piece I mentioned. I would recommend calling in person rather than phoning, and offer money at least equal to scrap value - though some guys will give you stuff for free if you tell them what its for.
  8. I used one (120mm diameter x 200mm high mild steel) for the past 9 months and it took the odd ding but that was from me mishitting with the hammer. If you hit steel that is too cold that will mark it up too, its easy to redress the surface if it gets a little messed up anyway. It's better to be doing something and learning than waiting around for the ideal thing to come up.
  9. That would only weigh about 2.5kg, the money would be better spent on a much larger piece of mild steel, or a sledge hammer head etc
  10. It's a little disappointing based on how they advertise them but I never considered it as a permanent solution anyway, more of a way to learn what I want
  11. Well I decided to try out the Frosty T last night, I had left the regulator set from use with the devil forge burner (if I'm honest from more use now it hasn't been as hot as I would like). Such a change, the dragons breath was about 18inches long! Had to turn it way down at the regulator and was definitely achieving much more heat. I was running low on gas so only got to do a little bit of tinkering but any recommendations on getting it up to welding heat? I have closed off one end with 2 insulating bricks and current volume is about 280cubic inches, thanks
  12. Looks more like a locking/grub screw, you wouldn't want the bolt going through the burner.
  13. If I'm honest I'm still learning how best to operate the burner, but so far it seems good (Mine is the DFP so up to 80k BTU, although I wouldn't like to be running it at around 25psi all the time to try to achieve that!). I was getting alot of scale at the start but closed the choke down to control the burn better - the instructions haven't translated well to English because they indicate more air equals more 'power'. I have built a Frosty-T in the background for the new forge but may run it in this body first to give a nice comparison.
  14. I bought one of these a few months ago, apart from the lack of rigidiser I'm pretty happy with it. Its not a big job to sort the ceramic fibre and you would need to replace it at some point anyway. I couldn't find anything close to the price elsewhere so for a tiny amount of effort on my part it was worth it. I will be making my next forge myself but this allows me to get some forging done in the meantime - I have spent way too much time bodging/trying to get other solid fuel forges working that would probably have been better spent actually hammering hot metal.
  15. So far I have found it's better to just make tools as they are needed - figure out what is required for each new project and either modify what I already have or make from stock I have gathered up.
  16. Hi Thomas, you have piqued my interest with that, how large are the hardy holes on one of those?
  17. Here is a photo in a little different light. You can make out the blue paint a little more clearly.
  18. That is a real possibility based on the few images of painted Brooks anvils I have looked at. Although the anvil I have has no visible markings that I have seen as yet - any of the brooks one I have seen online appear to have quite prominent lettering on the side. I'm pretty happy with it anyway; the rebound is good, edges are mostly in good condition and it cost about £0.80 per lb (roughly $1.06 per lb) not including the stand, which was thrown in for free!
  19. Yeah there is actually, is that relevant? I collected earlier it is a real brute! Also the colour difference is simply due to grey/white dust on the lower half
  20. Do you think the colour difference might be throwing your eye a little? Genuine question. Are there any functional disadvantages to the short waist? It doesn't appear to have been repaired from damage or anything.
  21. Could be that, we do have the shipbuilding heritage here and it's current location is only about 5 miles from the shipyard!
  22. Hi there, just wondering if anyone can recognise by shape the brand of an anvil I am going to see later this week? The guy selling it has said it is 200Kgs so quite a size!
  23. I would suggest the trommel as the better option of the 2, in a previous job I designed vibrating screens for quarry materials - if you get the eccentricity wrong they are scary dangerous bits of machinery.
  24. Normal A2 (304) stainless has a melting point of about 1450C, you will be fine with those
  25. Those bricks are likely acting as a massive heat sink so you will never reach the temperature you need. Why not stick to a proven design until you learn more about what you want your forge to do?