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  1. Thanks ThomasPowers! It's a Campo Meteorite which is an iron meteorite with about 6.7% Ni and a little Co and P according to published data. I also had a lab test it and their numbers matched almost exactly with that (7.0% Ni, 0.48% Co, 0.16% P, and 0.13% Si). I had it tested after forging so I think I forged out some of the Phosphorus because that number was lower than the published amount. It's good to hear it can be used as a flux (but maybe not the greatest flux). I had accidentally welded it when I put the two bars together to get them flat before welding. I put them on my h
  2. Here's a quick question for an expert... I get a good bit of molten slag or scale in my forge. I've been forging meteorite iron and I'm not sure if the liquid in the forge is molten slag or molten scale or something else. I use to think it was excess borax from welding, however in my new forge I get a good amount of this molten material and I haven't used any borax flux. I typically scrape most of this liquid out while forging. I'm surprised how much there is. I keep the forge really hot because of the nickel content of the iron so I forge at welding temperatures pretty much all of the t
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