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  1. Hi -- I'm more or less new here, and definitely new to forging. I've chatted on the gas forge forum with Wayne Coe about a gas forge I'm building. I now have all the parts and tools, and of course my "real work" schedule has now gotten busy, but I'm hoping to get it together this weekend. I was able to get all the forge materials for about $220, but it does take a bit of time because it's not a 1-stop shop when you need to budget carefully. In the meantime I started a class given by Vista Forge at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum's 19th century style coal forging barn. My first project attached below! Prior to this I've only done metal work with jewelry, a million years ago. I also live just 10 minutes away from the other San Diego 19th century style coal forge in Old Town and plan to volunteer there once I've done the intro classes and get some good mentoring in the process. I appreciate all the resources available here. <---- Vista class with 8 or so coal forges bigger than earrings ---->
  2. Thanks Wayne. Nice instructions on your site. I'd forgotten about hightemptools also. I just emailed you about shipping on Matrikote. :-)
  3. Hi -- I'm new here too and have been checking out the same burner designs as BigB (Reil's, Zoeller's, Rex's, etc.) I'd prefer to leave this part of the construction to a pro at this point and what I'd like to do is buy one of Zoeller's sidearm burners. However I haven't been able to get in contact. I emailed about 10 days ago to order some superwool, but got no reply and ended up using Seattle Pottery Supply instead. Does anyone know if he's still selling burners? (Rex's Shorties sound wonderful, but are a bit out of my price range.) My plan is along the lines of Reil's freon tank or Zoeller's Simple Gas Forge, and will have an interior about 6"x6" and 9" long (324 cu in). Thanks. Great info and resources here! L
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