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  1. With John's help, I found the patent number: 699,585 Patented May 6, 1902 by William E. Snediker. Thanks again, John.
  2. Thanks John, for identifying my Grampa's old vise.
  3. Otto Ray


    Thanks John. This helps a lot.
  4. Otto Ray


    I also have a Swage Block. It is 18" x 13" x 4" and weighs 150 pounds. It came from an old blacksmith/harness shop in Northern California. Does anyone have any plans I can use to make a stand for this block? Or a picture I can copy? Thanks.
  5. Here are some more pictures of this vise. And here are 3 more pictures. This vise did not have a post or leg. But has a 'socket" for one. Could make it any length. Hope these pictures help.
  6. I will post more pictures in a couple of days. But here is one of a very similar one I found on one of this web site's pages.
  7. Grandpa lived in Northern San Diego county (Fallbrook) CA in USA. His father had a harness shop early 1900's same area. Don't know how or where Grandpa got the vise.
  8. I got my Grandpa's post vise. It has a quick adjustable mechanism on it. I saw a picture on this web site and was wanting any information as to manufacturer, approximate age, etc. Thank you, Otto